NAMA Annual and Regional Forays

NAMA Annual Foray
August 12-15, 2021 | Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby, Colorado

Please note that you must be a member of NAMA to attend the foray. If you are new to the organization, please create your membership first before attempting to register for the foray. You may do so directly from the registration link below. Don't delay, tickets for this event are going quickly!

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Join us August 12-15 at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA Camp in Granby, Colorado for the NAMA Annual Foray. After skipping 2020 due to the pandemic, we are on course to share a safe, joyful gathering.

At 8,740 feet elevation, Snow Mountain Ranch offers a clear view to the mountains where we will be hunting mushrooms. There is access to hiking trails around the Snow Mountain Ranch campus.

Snow Mountain Ranch has no elevators, but NAMA has reserved 23 first-floor rooms and 10 ADA-compliant rooms in two lodge buildings, which are a short stroll from dining facilities and meeting rooms. The lodges have hotel-type rooms with 2 queen beds. On-site camping and cabins may also be available for direct reservation, and there are campgrounds in the area.

NAMA is working closely with the Colorado Mycological Society and the Pikes Peak Mycological Society in planning the foray locations and choosing a great roster of presenters!

Mushroom Forays

Half-day forays begin Thursday afternoon. Half- and full-day forays are scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Foray sites are being scouted and of course the local rain-gods will determine our selections. Details and sign-up sheets will be available onsite.


Following are some of the planned presentations:

Alisha Quandt.........................."Diversity and Host Transitions in Cordyceps-like Fungi"
Ikuko Lubow............................"Mushroom Photography with Smartphones and Pocket Cameras"
Amy Honan.............................."Snowbank Fungi"
Alissa Allen..............................."Dyeing Wool and Silk with Mushrooms and Lichens"
Heather Hallen-Adams..........."Amatoxins: Why and How?"
Carolina Pina Paez................."Greetings from Belowground, Look Twice for Truffles"
Heather Hallen-Adama.........."Fungi in the Human Gut"
Caolina Pina Paez................."Conifer Islands in the Sky: the Impact of Isolation in Rhizopogon Communities"
Trent Blizzard........................."Freeze-dried Mushroom Tasting"      
Alisha Quandt........................"Leotiomycetes Fungi of the Americas - an Under-sampled Group"
Sara Branco.........................."Evolution of Heavy Metal Tolerance in Suillus"
Panel Discussion.................."The State of Fungi in Colorado"


Amy Honan

Microscopy Workshop with Ed Lubow and Amy Honan

Looking to expand and deepen your ability to analyze fungal material through the use of microscopes? Receive personal, hands-on instruction from two experienced fungal microscopists. We will work with various stains and learn to differentiate common groups of fungi. Students will practice making slides and become familiar with microscopic structures useful in the identification of fungal species. Select either the Friday or Saturday session. Supplies and microscopes provided. Each session is limited to 15 participants.

Dye Jars

Mycopigments: Mushroom and Lichen Dyes for Silk Design with Alissa Allen

In this introductory workshop, students learn the steps for extracting and harnessing the dyes found in common, easy to recognize wild mushrooms and lichens. Students are guided through several resist dyeing techniques and will design their own beautiful and uniquely patterned silk scarves. Silk dye colors include fiery brown, gold, green and magenta from lichen. Class includes 2 silk scarves, an instructional handout and a 2 page guide to the best dye mushrooms and lichens. Limited to 15 participants.

You can read more about mushroom and lichen dyes at For questions, email Alissa Allen at


Mycopigments: An In-Depth Exploration of Mushroom and Lichen Dyes with Alissa Allen

Every region has its own palette of mushroom and lichen dyes. In this workshop, we will explore colors from all over the US, including any promising specimens we find on campus. All of the dyes used are ethically harvested, dried, and weighed (using some fresh material if available). We will talk about mushroom safety, identification basics, habitats, and ethical harvest of lichens. Participants receive a customized color guide to the best dye mushrooms and lichens and learn where to go for help with identification. We will be working with wool and silk fiber. Yarn for class is pre-mordanted to allow ample time to focus on dyes, however we will discuss the steps for preparing the fibers for the dye bath. This includes scouring, mordanting, and techniques to avoid felting wool. Participants will be guided through the steps to create an intricate arashi shibori inspired design. Each participant receives a blank scarf for practice.

Students will take home a detailed recipe card showcasing the rainbow of samples dyed in class, a procedural handout, a customized guide to dye fungi and a beautiful hand dyed silk scarf. This workshop covers all aspects of getting started with mushroom and lichen dyes, leaving the student with the tools to carry on with their own exploration. Limited to 15 participants.

You can read more about mushroom and lichen dyes at For questions, email Alissa Allen at


Build Your Own Tiny Mushroom Terrarium! with Rose Tursi (, @TursiArt on social media)

The workshop will start out with an overview on how to dehydrate organic materials for preservation in a sealed glass terrarium, and how to treat moss and lichen with alcohol based pigments to preserve color. Each participant will then create their very own mushroom terrarium from prepared materials, learning best techniques for placement, what glues to use, Dos and Don'ts, etc.

Participants will each leave with their own standalone terrarium dome with wooden base or a terrarium pendant with cord necklace. Supplies to make additional terrariums will be available in limited quantities for an additional fee. If you have your own (very tiny) dehydrated mushroom specimen you'd like to use, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, all materials will be provided. Each session is limited to 20 participants.


Art Exhibition

The Forest Floor
A 4-year, cumulative series of Dr. Theresa Kenney’s experiences with Wisconsin Mycological Society in the forest and the beauty of fungi found therein.  NAMA will be showcasing a selection of oil paintings from her ongoing series.  The exhibition includes taxonomy and descriptions of each species.

Silent Auction

NAMA holds an annual silent auction filled with mycotreasures donated by our members. Everyone will have the opportunity to bid on items, with the auction closing Saturday night. There is always a range of rare books, vintage and antique curios, artwork and more!  We welcome any donations of mushroom related items for the auction. All proceeds benefit NAMA.

Vending Opportunities

Are you the author of a mushroom or nature book? An artist with prints or crafts? Proud member mushroom club with snazzy mushroom swag? Bring it with you to the foray and make some money! We have tables and half-tables available, depending on your needs.
The space is free, we just ask that you donate 10% of your sales to NAMA. Tables and chairs will be provided.
Your merchandise should be primarily mushroom/mycology/foraging/nature-related.
You don't need to staff the table; in the past, we have operated successfully with an honor system with vendors using a box or envelope for buyers. If you prefer to staff your space, you can do it on your own time between other events and throw a cloth over your stuff when you can't be there.
NAMA is not responsible for missing items; however, theft has never been an issue in the past.
We hope you consider sharing your products at NAMA. To reserve space, please contact NAMA Visual Arts Committee Chair Rose Tursi at

Please remember that you must be a member of NAMA to attend the foray. If you are new to the organization, please create your membership first before attempting to register for the foray. You may do so directly from the registration link below. Don't delay, tickets for this event are going quickly!

Register for the 2021 NAMA Foray >

Other Regional Forays, Workshops, and Events

21st Annual Gary Lincoff Foray
September 18-21, 2021 | North Park (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. Featured speakers will be Michael Kuo and Leon Shernoff. See for more details.

Note: These events are sponsored by NAMA affiliated clubs and listed as a courtesy to our members.