NAMA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the affairs of NAMA between Board of Trustees meetings.

David Rust David Rust, President
David Rust is President of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA). He is co-founder of the Bay Area Mycological Society. He created the All California Club Forays in 2005 and coordinated the Mycoblitz science forays at Point Reyes National Seashore. He is an active participant in the Yosemite Fungal Survey. He is past President of the Mycological Society of San Francisco. David has followed news and research about the devastating forest pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, which causes the disease known as Sudden Oak Death. David is a participant in the North American Mycoflora Project, a new citizen science endeavor to document all fungi on the continent. He has given talks to mycological societies in California and Oregon and is a regular speaker at the Point Reyes National Seashore Fungus Fairs. David is a gym rat and (still!!!) plays volleyball twice a week.
Martin Osis Martin Osis, First Vice President
Martin Osis is one of the founding members of the Alberta Mycological Society (AMS). He has held various positions throughout the years, including President, Program Director, and Foray Coordinator. He is also a member of the Pacific Northwest Key Council. Martin is the Canadian regional trustee and was recently elected Vice President of NAMA.
Martin is generally regarded as one of Alberta’s experts in mushroom field identification. His interests lie in fungi keys, medicinal mushrooms, and mushroom photography. He is in his third year at Grant MacEwan University in the Acupuncture program studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because of his strong interest in medicinal mushrooms, Martin spearheaded the formation of NAMA’s Medicinal Mushroom Committee.
Adele Mehta
Adele Mehta, Second Vice President
Adele is a long time member of the Minnesota Mycological Society and currently serves on its board. She has volunteered with several projects on fungi and ecology. Since 1998, Adele has served as Recorder for the annual foray, entering information into the database for NAMA’s Voucher Collection Project. She is also a member of the Voucher Committee. She has been second vice president of NAMA since 2008, and co-chairs an ad hoc committee to update the policy manual.
Linnea Gillman
Linnea Gillman, Secretary
Linnea has been active (past president, taught classes, webmaster) in the Colorado Mycological Society for 40 years. She volunteers in the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Linnea was a key member of the NAMA 50th Anniversary Foray committee in 2010. She was elected Secretary in 2010.
Herb Pohl
Herbert Pohl, Treasurer
Born in Germany, Herb Pohl was introduced to mushroom hunting at an early age, hiking through the woods with his father to gather edible mushrooms. He started his mushroom activities as a member of the New Jersey Mycological Association in 1983. He served as the NJMA president in 1988 and 1999 and has been the club's book seller for the last 14 years. Herb joined NAMA in 1985 and became a life member a few years later. In 2009 he was appointed NAMA Finance Chair and was elected NAMA Treasurer in 2012.
Steve Bichler Steve Bichler, Membership
Steve Bichler is a 20 year employee for the State of Washington. He has worked for both the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Health. He held several positions, including Publication Specialist, Health Service Consultant, Information Technology Specialist and currently is a Communications Consultant. Four years ago Steve was searching the web for local mushroom clubs and came across the South Sound Mushroom Club (SSMC) in Olympia WA. He attended a meeting and was hooked. One year later he took over as the SSMC webmaster and redesigned the SSMC website.
Bob Fulgency
Bob Fulgency, Past President
Bob was NAMA president from 2010-2012. Since the mid-1990s Bob served as Secretary, Vice President, President and Past President of the Minnesota Mycological Society. For NAMA, he served as Secretary, First Vice President, President and now once again in his favorite job of them all: Past President. He has been on the Executive Committee for the past 12 years and also acted as co-chair of the 2001 NAMA Foray held in Minnesota. He thoroughly enjoyed and found most rewarding working in each of these positions.
Anna Gerenday  Anna Gerenday, Member At Large
Anna Gerenday admits to being a non-native Minnesotan. She moved to The Land of 10,000 Lakes in 1987 from New Jersey where she "broke her teeth" on fungi with the New Jersey Mycological Association. While living in New Jersey, she attended NEMF forays, but when she moved to Minnesota, she joined the Minnesota Mycological Society and also joined NAMA. She served as regional trustee for Region 6 a "few" years ago, after organizing the 1995 NAMA Foray in Bemidji, and before she got involved with organizing the 2001 NAMA foray in Collegeville. Anna has been attending the Gulf States Mycological Society winter forays to expand her fungal interest to the south, and in 2012 she represented GSMS at the trustees' meeting. Anna is a life member of NAMA.
When in Minnesota, Anna enjoys teaching mushroom identification classes, especially those that include microscopy. She is working on a number of fungal projects, including an inventory of fleshy fungi in sphagnum bogs. She is excited about the involvement of NAMA in the NA MycoFlora project and about contributing collections from Minnesota.
Sam Landes
Sam Landes, Member at Large
Sam was born and raised in central Illinois. He began hunting morels with his mother when he was 5. He has been the Treasurer of the Mushroom Club of Georgia since 2010. His wife, Cornelia Cho is the President. He was elected Regional Trustee for Region 3 at the Scott's Valley Foray in 2012. He was asked to become an Executive Board Member in 2013. He and Cornelia reside in Marietta, Georgia. They give frequent talks to outdoor groups and gardening clubs.
Bill Yule Bill Yule, Member At Large
Bill is a field biologist and teacher at the Connecticut River Museum, in Essex, Connecticut. He discovered mycology when he was an undergraduate studying botany. Bill has been a member, officer and Education Chair of Connecticut Valley Mycological Society since 1988. He has been a principal identifier, lecturer and presenter in major forays in the east for 20 years and he participates in numerous events for the NEMF, COMA and CVMS. Bill has given presenations about fungi to dozens of environmental organizations and clubs all the Northeast. His specialities are the Boletaeceae and insect/fungus relationships.
Barbara Ching Barbara Ching, Executive Secretary
Barbara is an experienced mushroom hunter and writer, and her professional experience is a good fit for her role as NAMA’s executive secretary. As an English professor and department chair at Iowa State University, she writes and edits constantly. She runs meetings using Roberts Rules of Order and prepares an annual report about the English department for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She has years of experience in writing, amending, and approving minutes. She has published a few articles in The Mycophile, and is the author of Wrong's What I Do Best: Hard Country Music and Contemporary Culture (Oxford University Press, 2001). She is a regular visitor to the university's mushroom ID lab and herbarium. She has been an active member of the Prairie States Mushroom Club since 2011.