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The Mycophile: Instructions to Contributors

Please consider contributing an article to The Mycophile. We are especially interested in reading about your club's history; an unusual foray experience; a favorite or disliked mushroom; the books and other resources you use; an inspiring local mycologist; new insights gleaned from an invited club speaker; what it is like mushrooming with friends, family and children; the circumstances under which you first became interested in fungi; or create and share a recipe.

The North American Mycological Association (NAMA) publishes The Mycophile as a full-color online newsletter. Black and white hard copies are sent to members who do not have access to email. The Mycophile accepts original and select previously published NAMA affiliated club newsletter contributions, NAMA committee reports, foray news and announcements, book reviews, puzzles, and recipes about fungi. Illustrations and photos of fungi and photos of foray participants with accompanying identification notes are appreciated.

The Editor accepts material for publication from both NAMA members and non-members. Articles written by well-informed amateurs and professional mycologists should be aimed at the novice as well as more knowledgeable members. Due to space limitations and the need to cover a broad range of topics in each issue, there is a limit of two pages per contribution. Depending on the topic, articles will be published in the approximate order of acceptance or the most appropriate season to ensure broad interest of the readership.

The Mycophile is published bimonthly, or six times a year beginning with the January-February issue and ending with the November-December issue. (See deadline dates below.) The Editor reserves the right to edit contributions for clarity of expression and to conform to journal style and the limitations of available space. The Editor will make the final decision on acceptance.

Submission of Contributions

Submit articles, reports, recipes and announcements, as well as illustrations and photos as email attachments to the Editor at [email protected]..


For upcoming issues, the deadline is generally 15 days before the next publication date.