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NAMA 2018 Annual Foray

October 11–14, 2018 Salem, Oregon

Please join us for a celebration of Oregon mycologists, Oregon mushrooms and Oregon hospitality, from October 11–14, 2018, at the Macleay Conference Center in Salem, Oregon.

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Enjoy the outdoors and connecting with new and old friends from all over North America and beyond. Just a little over an hour drive from the Portland International Airport (PDX), Salem is also easily accessible from Eugene and Corvallis. Convenient to the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountain Range, there are lots of activities to do before or after the foray: touring some of the many local wineries, sampling local restaurants and brewpubs and visiting Silver Falls State Park. (We will be doing some half-day forays within the park property, but not near the actual spectacular falls.)

Our foray mycologist will be Dr. Joseph Spatafora, former president of the Mycological Society of America, and recently appointed to Department Head for Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon. During his 23 years at Oregon State University, he has maintained an active and successful record of teaching, research and service, which was recognized by his selection as one of OSU's Distinguished Professors in 2018. His research, focused on the evolutionary biology of fungi, is recognized internationally.

We will be lodging at the Macleay Conference Center just east of downtown Salem. The center has no hills, very few stairs, lots of parking, well-lit sidewalks and air-conditioning. We will have access to a game room, his and her saunas and a pool for a quick, crisp dip. For those of you who may not wish to share a bathroom, there are many motels located within a 15 minute drive of the Conference Center.

For more information, please contact the Registrar, Connie Durnan: [email protected] or (202) 669-5740.

Foray location, accommodations and meals

The 2018 NAMA Foray will be held at the Macleay Conference Center 2887 74th Ave SE, Salem, OR 97301

Room check in time for Wednesday, October 10 for those attending the Board Meeting on Thursday is 4:00 PM. Check out time is 2:00 PM on Sunday, October 14. Foray Registration will open at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday.

There are NO private bathrooms in the dorms or the condos. Each dormitory has a women’s and a men’s bathroom at opposite ends.  They contain 3 stalls, 3 showers and three sinks.

The condos have one bathroom downstairs near the main bedroom with one sink, one toilet and one shower.  The main downstairs bedroom has one queen bed.  The upstairs lofts have 2 to 5 beds in them.

If you do not want to share a bathroom then you may wish to stay at a local motel.  There are many choices within 15 minutes of the center.  If enough people opt to stay in a motel, we could work on a group rate.  We will let you know which hotel we have reserved a block of rooms.  You would then need to register with the commuter category.  Commuters must plan to arrive after 4:00 pm on registration day; otherwise, Macleay will impose an extra $25 day use fee.

Most bedrooms will be shared although there are some bedrooms with one queen bed in them that we will reserve for couples (or two people willing to share) at a slightly extra charge or for a single person for a larger charge.  There are also rooms with one queen and one double.  Let us know if you are a couple who would share a room with one other.  Your cost will be the regular registration fee.  

Some of the bedrooms have a queen bed and 2 or 3 sets of bunk beds in them.  We will be asking for volunteers to sleep on top bunks.  Depending on the numbers and the arrangements we make, we should not have too many people sleeping on top bunks.  We may have up to 7 people sharing a room if necessary.  If you would like to share a room with a group of friends please give us their names and have them list your name also.  If you do not state a preference we will assign rooms.

The Macleay Center is very accessible.  The grounds are entirely flat with no stairs in any of the public spaces .  (The condos do have stairs up to a sleeping loft.)   There is abundant  well-lit parking not far from the dorms.  The dorms each have a kitchen with refrigerators and all the condos have a kitchen with a refrigerator. 

You are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in your dorm or condo and in the gym during the socials.  Please do not carry open containers in the public areas.   There will be two designated outdoor smoking areas. 


Registration fees for the foray are:

Thursday Dinner - Sunday Breakfast Shared Room and Shared Bath $385.00
  Private Room and Shared Bath $405.00 (per person)
  Single Room and Shared Bath $445.00
Commuter Option
Arriving 4:00 pm $272.00
Wednesday Dinner - Sunday Breakfast Shared Room and Shared Bath $462.00
  Private Room and Shared Bath $482.00 (per person)
  Single Room and Shared Bath $542.00
Commuter Option (for Dyeing or Microscopy Workshops)
Arriving 4:00 pm $315.00


Foray T-Shirts are also available for purchase!


Microscopy Workshop  led by Susie Holmes  + $95
Thursday, October 10:  8:30-5:00  with lunch
Limited to 10 participants.
This will be a basic introduction to using microscopes for identifying spores and other aspects of mushrooms.   
All supplies and microscopes will be provided.

Dyeing workshop  led by Cheshire Mayrsohn + $120
Thursday, October 10: 9:00-5:00 with lunch
Limited to 10 participants.
Includes all materials and supplies.

Come join local dyer Cheshire Mayrsohn in exploring the rainbow of dye colors that can be extracted from the mushrooms and lichens of Western Oregon. We will take a day to make dye from 10 or more species of mushrooms and lichens, creating a rainbow of over 20 colors.

All supplies provided.  Includes wool samples and silk scarves. You will receive two silk scarves to practice Shibori-style dye resist techniques.

You will learn how to mordant fiber, make mushroom and lichen dyes, identification basics, and about the importance of ethical harvest. You will take home a small book of yarn samples showing the rainbow of colors dyed in class, how-to handouts to guide future dye exploration, and two beautiful scarves you’ve dyed.


Silver Falls State Park

Getting there… and extending your stay

For those flying into the Portland Airport (PDX), you can reserve a shuttle to the Red Lion Hotel in Salem using the Oregon Express Shuttle Company. 

Oregon Express Shuttle Company

Shuttle fee is $15 and runs every couple of hours.  From the Red Lion Hotel you can share a cab and get to the Macleay Center quite easily as it is only about 7 miles from the hotel.  You can reserve a shuttle to get back on Sunday from the hotel and also share a cab to get to the hotel.

Amanda’s Taxi   
(503) 559-2200


What should I pack?

Possible Items Include:
  • Rain gear.  A good chance it will rain during the Foray.
  • Swimsuit. They have a pool that may be heated, an outdoor hot tub and male and female saunas. 
  • Bright Orange Hat/Vest/Shirt/Jacket
  • Whistle !!!
  • A watch; in case your cellular device runs out of juice.
  • Tick and insect repellant
  • Epipen if you are allergic to wasp or yellow jacket stings. 
  • Something to donate to the silent auction. 
  • Please bring your own water bottle.