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2017 Contest Winners

Here are the winners we unveiled at the 2017 Foray! Thanks to all who entered, and to John Plischke III who ran the contest.  Both Pictorial and Documentary divisions have an Open and Limited category.  Previous winners entries go into Limited, to give new participants an entry level.

Open Pictorial

1st Place Microporus affinis Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

First place:  Microporus affinis by Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

2nd Place Schizophyllum commune Mark Bower

Second place: Schizophyllum commune by Mark Bower

3rd Place Hypoxylon howeianium Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

Third place: Hypoxylon howeianium by Robert Gerulics - The 3 foragers

Limited Pictorial

1st Place Spectacular Sterium Joe Brandt

First Place: Spectacular Sterium Joe Brandt

2nd Place Ramaria cyaneigranosa Drew Henderson

Second Place: Ramaria cyaneigranosa by Drew Henderson

Limited Pictorial 3rd Place Pleurotus pulmonaria Geoff Blame

Third Place: Pleurotus pulmonaria by Geoff Blame

Open Documentary

1st Place Suillus pungens Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

First place: Suillus pungens by Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

Open Documentary 2nd Place Daldinia childiae Mark Bower

Second place:  Daldinia childiae by Mark Bower

Open Documentary 3rd Place Boletus carminepes Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

Third place:  Boletus carminepes by Robert Gergulics The 3 Foragers

Limited Documentary

Limited Documentary 1st Place Amanita polypyramis Geoff Blame

First place:   Amanita polypyramis by Geoff Blame

Limited Documentary 2nd Place Leptonia cyanea Drew Henderson

2nd Place: Leptonia cyanea by Drew Henderson

Limited Documentary 3rd Place Cortinarius armilatus Kathy Yerich

Third Place:  Cortinarius armilatus by Kathy Yerich

Open Judge's Option

Judges Option 1st place My Goodness!! Calvatia cyathiformis Mark Bower

First place: My Goodness!! Calvatia cyathiformis by Mark Bower

Judges Option 2nd Place 2nd Place Clitocybe nuda Mark Bower

Second place: Clitocybe nuda by Mark Bower

Limited Judge's Option

1st Place Impossible Split Kathy Yerich

First Place: Impossible Split by Kathy Yerich

2nd Place Good as gold! Joe Brandt

Second Place: Good as gold! by Joe Brandt

3rd Place Dancing in my dreams Howard Goltz

Third Place: Dancing in my dreams by Howard Goltz

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