• North American Mycological Association

    Promoting, pursuing and advancing mycology

  • Asociación Micológica de América del Norte

    Perseguir y hacer avanzar la micología

  • Association Mycologique d'Amérique du Nord

    Poursuivre et faire progresser la mycologie


NAMA publications include a bimonthly newsletter, The Mycophile, and an annual journal, McIlvainea.

The Mycophile


The Mycophile is a great source of club information, news, events, book reviews, articles, photography contest results, and the mushroom of the month.

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McIlvainea: Journal of American Amateur Mycology

mcilvainea vol 23
"Birds, flowers, insects, stones delight the observant. Why not toadstools? A tramp after them is absorbing, study of them interesting, and eating of them health-giving and supremely satisfying."

Charles McIlvaine (1840-1909)

McIlvainea is a peer reviewed journal, with scientific papers, toxicology reports, and more. Volume 23 of McIlvainea is now available online.

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