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Voucher Report for the 2014 North American Mycological Association Foray

Patrice Benson Memorial Foray
Eatonville, Washington
October 8-12, 2014

By Patrick R. Leacock, NAMA Voucher Collection Project
[email protected]


The 2014 NAMA Foray was held at the Salvation Army Camp Arnold, Eatonville, Washington, and hosted by the Puget Sound Mycological Society. Steven A. Trudell, PhD, served as chief mycologist. Collecting areas included Mount Rainier National Park, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Elbe Hills State Forest, other areas of the Cascade Range, and the woods around Camp Arnold. This was the third NAMA foray in Washington, the previous being 1981 and 1993; but it marked the first foray with specimens documented for the NAMA voucher project.
Many thanks go to Adele Mehta, recorder, and the NAMA-sponsored voucher assistants: Joshua M. Birkebak (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Nikhilesh Desai (Northwestern University, Chicago), Hailee B. Korotkin (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), and Viacheslav Spirin (University of Helsinki, Finland). Big thanks to the hard work of Trudell and the PSMS foray team and all the other volunteers who gave their time. We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. The NAMA specimens are accessioned into the permanent herbarium collection at the Field Museum of Natural History (F) in Chicago. Some specimens are in the care of other institutions.
This species list has 462 taxa (genus, species, varieties), comprising 44 ascomycetes (16 lichens), 416 basidiomycetes, 1 zygomycete, and 1 myxomycete. The most diverse genera were Cortinarius (32), Russula (25), Ramaria (16), Tricholoma (14), Inocybe (13), Mycena (13), Amanita (10), and Lactarius (10). Identifications were made by 34 people including Noah Siegel, Joshua M. Birkebak, Steven A. Trudell, Else C. Vellinga, Roy E. Halling, Cathy L. Cripps, Daniel Miller, Viacheslav Spirin, Renée Lebeuf, Paul Kroeger, Thomas D. Bruns, Christine Roberts, Debbie L. Viess, Andrew D. Parker, Michael W. Beug, Patrick R. Leacock, and 18 others, with lichens identified by Fred Rhoades and Katie Glew. There are 471 voucher collections preserved from the foray. Taxa with more than one voucher specimen are indicated (2). Twenty-eight listed records do not have specimens (*). Some collections were split with mycologists.
This species list with images and collection data appears on Mushroom Observer. Additional information about the NAMA Voucher Collection Project can be found on the NAMA website.
The taxonomic arrangement follows The Dictionary of the Fungi, 9th edition, with some classification updates.
Phylum    Order           Family               SpeciesKingdom FungiAscomycota      Coronophorales        Bertiaceae            Bertia moriformis       Eurotiales        Trichocomaceae                        Penicillium vulpinum    Helotiales         Cudoniaceae                        Cudonia montana        Helotiaceae             Bisporella citrina        Hemiphacidiaceae            Heyderia abietis    Hypocreales         Clavicipitaceae            Stilbella byssiseda        Hypocreaceae                         Hypomyces aurantius            Hypomyces cervinigenus            Hypomyces lactifluorum            Hypomyces lateritius            Hypomyces luteovirens            Hypomyces ochraceus            Hypocrea pulvinata (*)    Lecanorales (lichens)               Cladoniaceae            Cladonia coniocraea        Parmeliaceae                        Evernia prunastri                            Hypogymnia enteromorpha or H. apinnata            Hypogymnia imshaugii            Hypogymnia inactiva            Hypogymnia cf. occidentalis            Hypogymnia physodes (2)            Hypogymnia tubulosa            Parmelia sulcata            Platismatia glauca (2)            Usnea sp.        Sphaerophoraceae                        Sphaerophorus tuckermannii    Melanosporales        Ceratostomataceae            Melanospora lagenaria (*)    Ophiostomatales        Ophiostomataceae                        Ophiostoma polyporicola (*)    Peltigerales (lichens in part)        Lobariaceae                        Lobaria oregana (2)        Peltigeraceae                        Peltigera membranacea (2)    Pertusariales                Icmadophilaceae            Icmadophila ericetorum (3)        Pertusariaceae            Pertusaria sp.    Pezizales        Discinaceae             Gyromitra infula        Helvellaceae             Helvella elastica            Helvella cf. lacunosa            Helvella maculata            Helvella vespertina        Pezizomycetes            Aleuria aurantia        Pyronemataceae            Otidea alutacea            Otidea onotica            Scutellinia scutellata            Scutellinia umbrorum    Rhytismatales        Rhytismataceae                        Rhytisma punctatum    Sordariales        Helminthosphaeriaceae            Helminthosphaeria clavariarum              Xylariales        Xylariaceae            Xylaria hypoxylon (3)Basidiomycota    Agaricales        Agaricaceae            Agaricus augustus            Agaricus diminutivus            Agaricus moelleri            Agaricus semotus            Agaricus semotus group            Agaricus silvicola            Bovista sp.            Chlorophyllum olivieri            Cystodermella granulosa             Cystodermella terryi                        Cystolepiota seminuda            Floccularia albolanaripes             Lepiota aspera            Lepiota clypeolaria            Lepiota cristata            Lepiota rubrotinctoides            Leucoagaricus leucothites            Leucoagaricus section rubrotincti            Lycoperdon molle            Lycoperdon nigrescens            Lycoperdon perlatum            Lycoperdon pratense [Vascellum]            Lycoperdon pyriforme            Lycoperdon umbrinum            Nidula candida            Nidula niveotomentosa            Nidularia deformis [Nidularia farcta]            Phaeolepiota aurea        Amanitaceae            Amanita aprica [?]            Amanita constricta group            Amanita crocea group            Amanita franchetii [A. augusta] (*)            Amanita fulva group            Amanita muscaria var. formosa (2)            Amanita muscaria subsp. flavivolvata (*)            Amanita porphyria            Amanita silvicola            Amanita vaginata group (*)            Limacella glioderma            Limacella illinita (2)        Bolbitiaceae            Bolbitius titubans            Panaeolus acuminatus        Clavariaceae            Clavaria flavipes             Clavaria fragilis group            Clavulinopsis laeticolor        Cortinariaceae            Cortinarius sp.             Cortinarius sp. ["violet veil"]             Cortinarius subgenus Leprocybe             Cortinarius alboviolaceus             Cortinarius anomalus (2)             Cortinarius cf. cacaocolor             Cortinarius callisteus (2)             Cortinarius camphoratus             Cortinarius caperatus             Cortinarius cinnamomeus group             Cortinarius clandestinus             Cortinarius cf. claricolor             Cortinarius costicus             Cortinarius emunctus             Cortinarius flexipes group             Cortinarius laniger group             Cortinarius lilacinus             Cortinarius mikedavisii             Cortinarius cf. miniatopus             Cortinarius muscigenus             Cortinarius mutabilis             Cortinarius occidentalis             Cortinarius olympianus             Cortinarius pinguis             Cortinarius purpurascens group (*)             Cortinarius salor             Cortinarius smithii             Cortinarius stillatitius             Cortinarius subfoetidus (*)             Cortinarius thiersii             Cortinarius traganus             Cortinarius vibratilis             Cortinarius violaceus        Crepidotaceae            Crepidotus mollis             Crepidotus stipitatus        Cyphellaceae            Cheimonophyllum candidissimum        Cystodermataceae             Cystoderma amianthinum             Cystoderma fallax        Entolomataceae            Clitopilus prunulus            Entocybe nitida [Entoloma nitidum]             Entoloma bloxamii sensu western N.A.             Entoloma cyanea group             Entoloma formosum             Entoloma sericellum             Entoloma cf. serrulatum [Leptonia]            Rhodocybe caelata            Rhodocybe nitellina            Rhodocybe cf. nuciolens        Hydnangiaceae            Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis             Laccaria bicolor             Laccaria laccata group (2)             Laccaria pumila        Hygrophoraceae            Ampulloclitocybe clavipes [Clitocybe]            Aphroditeola olida            Arrhenia acerosa            Chrysomphalina aurantiaca            Cuphophyllus aff. subviolaceus            Gliophorus laetus [Hygrocybe laeta]            Hygrocybe miniata             Hygrocybe parvula             Hygrocybe singeri            Hygrophorus agathosmus             Hygrophorus bakerensis             Hygrophorus camarophyllus             Hygrophorus capreolarius [H. erubescens] (*)             Hygrophorus chrysodon             Hygrophorus eburneus             Hygrophorus graveolens [“Cuphophyllus”]             Hygrophorus piceae group             Hygrophorus pudorinus             Hygrophorus purpurascens            Pseudoarmillariella ectypoides        Hymenogastraceae                        Alnicola sp.             Alnicola escharioides [Naucoria]            Galerina sideroides            Hebeloma crustuliniforme group            Phaeocollybia cf. ammiratii            Phaeocollybia cf. kauffmanii        Inocybaceae            Inocybe cf. albodisca             Inocybe assimilata group             Inocybe calamistrata var. mucidiolens             Inocybe geophylla (*)             Inocybe grammata             Inocybe hirsuta var. maxima             Inocybe lanuginosa             Inocybe lilacina             Inocybe olympiana             Inocybe pyrotricha [I. cincinnata group]             Inocybe rimosa group             Inocybe sororia group             Inocybe xanthomelas             Inocybe xanthomelas group        Lyophyllaceae            Asterophora lycoperdoides (2)            Lyophyllum cf.            Lyophyllum connatum [Clitocybe connata]            Lyophyllum decastes group            Tephrocybe tylicolor            Tephrocybe tylicolor subdendrophora        Marasmiaceae                        Baeospora myosura            Clitocybula atrialba (2)             Clitocybula familia            Connopus acervatus            Marasmiellus candidus            Mycetinis scorodonius            Pleurocybella porrigens            Rhodocollybia badiialba            Rhodocollybia butyracea f. asema            Rhodocollybia maculata group        Mycenaceae            Hemimycena delectabilis                        Mycena adscendens [M. tenerrima]            Mycena aurantiidisca            Mycena capillaripes            Mycena epipterygia            Mycena fuscopurpureus            Mycena galericulata            Mycena haematopus            Mycena maculata            Mycena oregonensis            Mycena pelianthina            Mycena pura            Mycena pura f. alba            Mycena strobilinoides            Panellus stipticus        Nidulariaceae            Crucibulum laeve        Omphalotaceae                        Gymnopus confluens            Gymnopus dryophilus group            Gymnopus peronatus        Pleurotaceae            Pleurotus sp.        Porotheleaceae            Atheniella adonis [Mycena] (2)        Physalacriaceae            Armillaria sp.             Armillaria nabsnona             Armillaria solidipes            Flammulina populicola            Strobilurus albipilatus        Pluteaceae                        Pluteus sp. (*)            Pluteus section Hispidoderma            Pluteus unpublished species [P. thomsonii group] (*)            Pluteus romellii            Pluteus tomentosulus        Psathyrellaceae            Coprinellus micaceus             Coprinopsis atramentaria             Coprinopsis cinerea                        Mythicomyces corneipes            Psathyrella sp.            Psathyrella candolleana group            Psathyrella frustulenta            Psathyrella longistriata        Schizophyllaceae            Schizophyllum commune        Strophariaceae            Cyclocybe erebia [Agrocybe]            Deconica montana (*)            Gymnopilus punctifolius             Gymnopilus sapineus            Hypholoma capnoides             Hypholoma dispersum             Hypholoma fasciculare            Leratiomyces ceres            Leratiomyces squamosus [Stropharia squamosa]            Pholiota alnicola group (2)            Pholiota astragalina            Pholiota aurivella [P. limonella]            Pholiota decorata            Pholiota flammans            Pholiota spumosa group            Pholiota terrestris            Protostropharia semiglobata [Stropharia]            Stropharia aeruginosa group             Stropharia albonitens             Stropharia ambigua             Stropharia hornemannii             Stropharia cf. semigloboides        Tricholomataceae            Catathelasma imperiale            Clitocybe connata [Lyophyllum, C. dilatata] (3)             Clitocybe nebularis (2)             Clitocybe odora (2)            Collybia cirrhata             Collybia cookei             Collybia tuberosa                        Leucopaxillus albissimus (2)            Leucopaxillus gentianeus                        Melanoleuca acystis group            Melanoleuca melaleuca            Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis            Tricholoma atroviolaceum (*)            Tricholoma cheilolaminum            Tricholoma equestre            Tricholoma focale            Tricholoma fulvum [T. flavobrunneum]            Tricholoma imbricatum            Tricholoma murrillianum            Tricholoma nigrum            Tricholoma pessundatum group            Tricholoma portentosum            Tricholoma saponaceum            Tricholoma sejunctum            Tricholoma vaccinum            Tricholoma virgatum            Tricholomopsis decora            Tricholomopsis rutilans group        Tubariaceae            Flammulaster carpophilus group    Amylocorticiales        Amylocorticiaceae            Athelia decipiens    Auriculariales        Exidiaceae            Guepinia helvelloides    Boletales        Boletaceae            Boletus barrowsii             Boletus edulis             Boletus fibrillosus             Boletus mirabilis             Boletus smithii            Caloboletus conifericola             Caloboletus rubripes            Chalciporus piperatus               Leccinum sp. "dark brown"            Leccinum vulpinum                     Phylloporus cf. arenicola (*)            Xerocomellus chrysenteron            Xerocomellus chrysenteron group            Xerocomellus rainierensis            Xeromphalina campanella        Serpulaceae            Serpula himantioides        Gomphidiaceae            Chroogomphus tomentosus            Gomphidius oregonensis             Gomphidius smithii             Gomphidius subroseus        Hygrophoropsidaceae            Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca             Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca group             Hygrophoropsis rufa        Suillaceae                        Suillus sp.            Suillus caerulescens (2)            Suillus grevillei            Suillus lakei            Suillus luteus            Suillus ponderosus            Suillus punctatipes            Suillus subalpinus sensu C.L. Cripps            Truncocolumella citrina    Cantharellales        Cantharellaceae            Cantharellus formosus group             Cantharellus roseocanus             Cantharellus subalbidus            Craterellus neotubaeformis nom. prov.        Clavulinaceae            Clavulina coralloides        Hydnaceae            Hydnum repandum             Hydnum repandum var. album             Hydnum umbilicatum    Dacrymycetales        Dacrymycetes            Calocera cornea group             Calocera viscosa            Dacrymyces chrysospermus    Geastrales        Geastraceae            Geastrum sp. (2)             Geastrum saccatum    Gloeophyllales        Gloeophyllaceae            Gloeophyllum abietinum             Gloeophyllum sepiarium            Neolentinus kauffmanii    Gomphales        Clavariadelphaceae            Clavariadelphus caespitosus             Clavariadelphus occidentalis        Gomphaceae           Gomphus clavatus (*)                        Ramaria araiospora var. araiospora            Ramaria araiospora var. rubella            Ramaria argentea            Ramaria aurantiisiccescens            Ramaria celerivirescens            Ramaria cystidiophora var. citronella            Ramaria cystidiophora var. cystidiophora            Ramaria flavigelatinosa var. carnisalmonea            Ramaria gelatinosa var. oregonensis            Ramaria leptoformosa            Ramaria longispora            Ramaria rubella var. rubella            Ramaria rubribrunnescens            Ramaria stricta            Ramaria subviolacea            Ramaria testaceoflava            Turbinellus floccosus [Gomphus]            Turbinellus kauffmanii [Gomphus]        Lentariaceae            Lentaria byssiseda            Lentaria cf. pinicola     Hymenochaetales        Hymenochaetaceae            Coltricia cinnamomea             Coltricia perennis                        Fomitiporia tsugina (2)            Hymenochaete tabacina            Porodaedalea piceina            Rickenella fibula (*)        Repetobasidiaceae            Alloclavaria purpurea        Schizoporaceae            Oxyporus cuneatus    Polyporales        Fomitopsidaceae            Antrodia carbonica (2)             Antrodia cf. serialis            Climacocystis sp.            Fomitopsis cajanderi             Fomitopsis officinalis [Larcifomes] (*)             Fomitopsis pinicola                              Ischnoderma resinosum            Postia caesia [Tyromyces] (*)            Postia fragilis [Oligoporus]            Postia perdelicata [Oligoporus]            Postia ptychogaster            Pycnoporellus alboluteus            Pycnoporellus fulgens        Ganodermataceae            Ganoderma applanatum             Ganoderma oregonense        Phanerochaetaceae            Byssomerulius corium        Polyporaceae            Cryptoporus volvatus                        Laetiporus conifericola            Oligoporus guttulatus [Postia]            Oligoporus obductus (*)            Phaeolus schweinitzii            Polyporus cf. brumalis            Polyporus melanopus            Polyporus tubaeformis group            Trametes gibbosa            Trametes versicolor            Trichaptum abietinum            Tyromyces chioneus                    Meruliaceae            Irpex lacteus            Phlebia radiate (2)            Phlebia tremellosa [Merulius tremellosus]        Sparassidaceae            Sparassis radicata    Russulales        Albatrellaceae            Albatrellus ovinus group                 Jahnoporus hirtus            Polyporoletus sublividus        Auriscalpiaceae            Auriscalpium vulgare (*)            Lentinellus cf. flabelliformis [or occidentalis]            Lentinellus cf. ursinus        Bondarzewiaceae            Bondarzewia sp. (*)            Heterobasidion cf. occidentale [H. annosum group]        Echinodontiaceae            Echinodontium tinctorium (*)        Neoalbatrellus            Neoalbatrellus flettii        Peniophoraceae            Peniophora aurantiaca            Peniophora erikssonii        Russulaceae                             Lactarius aestivus (2)            Lactarius cf. circellatus            Lactarius fallax            Lactarius kauffmanii            Lactarius pallescens (*)            Lactarius pseudomucidus            Lactarius repraesentaneus            Lactarius rubrilacteus (*)            Lactarius scrobiculatus            Lactarius subflammeus            Russula adusta            Russula cf. aeruginea            Russula americana            Russula brevipes            Russula brevipes var. acrior            Russula brunneola            Russula cascadensis            Russula cessans group            Russula dissimulans            Russula elaeodes            Russula fragilis            Russula fragilis group            Russula fragrantissima            Russula heterophylla group (*)            Russula laricina group            Russula laurocerasi group            Russula murrilli group            Russula nigricans            Russula occidentalis            Russula ochroleuca            Russula puellaris (*)            Russula queletii            Russula raoultii            Russula silvicola            Russula sphagnophila            Russula cf. xerampelina        Stereaceae            Stereum sp.            Stereum complicatum [S. hirsutum var. complicatum]            Stereum hirsutum            Stereum subtomentosum    Thelephorales        Bankeraceae            Boletopsis grisea            Hydnellum aurantiacum            Hydnellum caeruleum            Hydnellum peckii            Hydnellum regium            Hydnellum scrobiculatum group            Phellodon tomentosus            Sarcodon fuscoindicus            Sarcodon imbricatus group        Thelephoraceae            Polyozellus multiplex            Thelephora caryophyllea    Tremellales        Tremellaceae                        Tremella cf. aurantia (*)            Tremella mesentericaZygomycota    Mucorales        Phycomycetaceae            Spinellus fusigerKingdom ProtozoaMyxomycota    Mycetozoa        Trichiida            Arcyria denudata