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Copying material from the NAMA website

All text and photographs displayed on this site are Copyright © by the North American Mycological Association or by the author, illustrator, or photographer. NAMA grants permission to link or copy to another website any material contained on this site for non-profit, educational purposes only. We require that those doing so credit the author, illustrator, or photographer, as well as NAMA, including our website address:

NAMA also grants specific permission to use its logo on websites with a mycological / educational focus. This includes, but is not limited to, websites of organizations affiliated with NAMA. Commercial websites may use NAMA’s logo only if the site includes a statement to the effect that NAMA’s site is a source of educational material. When using NAMA’s logo, we request that the logo itself or the accompanying text includes our website address:

Those wishing to use the NAMA logo or any material on this site should contact NAMA’s Executive Secretary for specific permission.

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