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NAMA’s Visual Arts Committee is made up of myco enthusiasts who are also working artists: Graphic designers, photographers, artisans, crafters and more. Our committee was formed after the previous Photography, Arts & Graphics, and Dyeing & Papermaking committees merged into one. We’re a group of volunteers who’s happy place is the crossroads of the arts and mycology.

We help with any of NAMA’s graphic needs for their publications, printed materials, foray logos, and beyond. We’ve also helped facilitate arts related webinars held via Zoom. We run an annual visual arts contest with ten categories – an expansion of the previous photography contest. We aid in developing workshops as well as the logo designs for NAMA’s annual and regional forays. We write arts related articles for the Mycophile, NAMA’s quarterly publication. We’re the custodians of the Registry of Mushrooms in Works of Art, originated by Dr. Elio Schaechter.

We are always seeking new members with fresh ideas, so please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in joining!

Includes former Dyeing and Papermaking, and Photography committees

  • Rose Tursi, Chair –
  • Marion Richards
  • Theresa Kenney
  • Mariah Rogers
  • Tiffany Theden
  • Karen Milnes
  • Liz Weinstein
  • Ex officio members: NAMA President and NAMA Chief Operating Officer
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