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Hope your calendars are already marked for Annual Foray 2024, officially named “Pacific Northwest NAMA Camp” and set for October 31 to November 3, 2024 at Cispus Learning Center just outside of Randle, Washington. This is a call to artists everywhere for your help in creating a beautiful event logo!


  1. This contest is open to anyone in the world! You do not have to be a NAMA member, though special consideration may be given to NAMA members in the Pacific Northwest region.
  2. Entries should contain the official name of the event: Pacific Northwest NAMA Camp
  3. Entries may contain the regular NAMA organization logo but this is not required.
  4. Each participant may submit up to 5 entries.
  5. Artwork must meet certain requirements for printing; please see guidelines below.
  6. If you choose to represent a mushroom, we prefer distinctly recognizable, real mushroom species known to occur in the area of the event; fortunately, the Evergreen State of Washington abounds in charismatic fungi! We have listed a few species below.


  1. Contest entries must be received no later than February 29th, 2024. Winner will be announced no later than April 1, 2024.
  2. Please email all entries to, with the subject line “2024 Annual Foray Logo Entry.”


The artist behind the winning design will receive the following:

  1. A one-year membership to NAMA or a one-year extension if they are already a member.
  2. A feature in NAMA’s quarterly publication, The Mycophile Quarterly.
  3. One example of each item printed with the logo. This will include a t-shirt, sticker, and any other swag that is created for the event.

Requirements for Graphic Artwork:

  1. Designs must be vector art that has been optimized for screen printing. This means the design cannot contain any gradient colors or gradient translucency: solid colors only.
  2. To keep within product production budget, the design must be limited to 1 or 2 colors (or 3 colors by incorporating the color of the shirt into the design).
  3. Vector files such as AI or EPS are preferred.
  4. Any fonts used must be free for commercial use.

Other Important Stuff:

Semifinalists will be selected by representatives from NAMA’s Visual Arts, Foray and Marketing Committees, followed by a vote of NAMA’s Executive Committee. Please note that NAMA may, at our discretion, alter graphic elements, font or verbiage on the chosen design.

The winning entry becomes the intellectual property of NAMA for exclusive commercial use in all marketing, merchandising and in any other way the organization sees fit.

Example Species of Washington Mushrooms:

  • Tricholoma murrillianum, (“Matsutake” or “Pine Mushroom”)
  • Boletus edulis var. grandedulis, (“Porcini”)
  • Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata, (“Yellow-skirted Alice-In-Wonderland Mushroom”)
  • Xerocomellus zelleri complex, (“Zeller’s Bolete”)
  • Stropharia ambigua (“Questionable Stropharia”)
  • Agaricus augustus (“The Prince”)
  • Fomitopsis mounceae (Red-belted Polypore)
  • Phaeolus schweinitzii (“Dyer’s Polypore”)
  • Lacrifomes (Fomesofficinalis (“Agarikon”)
  • Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (“Cat’s-Tongue Jelly”)
  • Guepinia helvelloides (“Red Jelly Tongue”)
  • Russula xerampelina (“Shrimp Russula”)
  • Ramaria species
  • Cortinarius violaceus (“Violet Cort”)
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