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2009 Contest Winners

This year, the NAMA photo contest considered only digital photographs for the first time. Many thanks to those who entered – your work is breathtakingly beautiful.


First place : Amanita jacksonii Todd Elliott - Todd Elliott photographed these prime Amanita jacksonii near his home in Painters Gap, North Carolina

Second place : Lepista nuda Charles Fonaas

Third place : Stereum ostrea Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Coprinus comatus Linda Chaim


First place : Pulcherricium caeruleum Todd Elliott

Second place : Cantharellus cibarius Charles Fonaas

Third place : Marasmiellus albuscoricis Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Agaricus campestris Todd Elliott

Judge's Option

First place : Charles Fonaas - Slug on Gills

Second place : Jane Cooper - Time to get a new hay wagon

Third place : Jill Porter - Mushroom Hunters

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