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2010 Contest Winners

Here are the winners from 2010. Many thanks to those who entered — your work is awesome.


First place : Leotia viscosa Chris Matherly

Second place : Akanthomyces aculeate Todd Elliott

Third place : Auricularia auricula Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Amanita muscaria Brian Zimmar

Honorable mention : Morchella esculenta Chris Matherly

Honorable mention : Coprinellus disseminatus Charles Fonaas


First place : Agaricus abruptibulbus Charles Fonaas

Second place : Laccaria ochropurpurea Charles Fonaas

Third place : Tuber sp. Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Cantharellus lateritius Chris Matherly

Honorable mention : Lactarius hygrophoroides Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Todd Elliott

Judge's Option

First place : Morchella esculenta Chris Matherly

Second place : Steve Carmichael - Bite Me

Third place : Kathy Yerich - Lactarius sp with tree frog

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