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2011 Contest Winners

Here are the winners from 2011. There were many new entrants this year.


First place : Phallus indusiatus Christian Schwarz

Second place : Lactarius substriatus Erin Page Blanchard

Third place : Armillaria mellea Charles Fonaas

Honorable mention : Marasmius plicatulus Christian Schwarz

Honorable mention : Ramariopsis kunzei Dianna Smith

Honorable mention : Spathulariopsis velutipes Dianna Smith


First place : Agaricus praeclaresquamosus Christian Schwarz

Second place : Hygrocybe psittacina Erin Page Blanchard

Third place : Mycena aurantiomarginata Christian Schwarz

Honorable mention : Polyporus radicatus Charles Fonaas

Honorable mention : Scleroderma citrinum Charles Fonaas

Honorable mention : Hygrocybe calyptraeformis Christian Schwarz

Honorable mention : Cheimonophyllum candissimus Dianna Smith

Honorable mention : Clathrus ruber Erin Page Blanchard

Judge's Option

First place : Linnea Gillman - Destroying Angels

Second place : John Stuart - Mushroom Books: Mine and Noah Siegel's

Third place : Ann Berger - Disney Megabuckus

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