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2012 Contest Winners

Here are the winners! Thanks to all who entered, and to John Plischke III who ran the contest.


First place : Crepidotus cinnabarinus Renée Lebeuf

Second place : Boletus rhodosanguineus Renée Lebeuf

Third place : Cookeina sulcipes Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Kretzschmaria deusta Patrick Harvey

Honorable mention : Laetiporus sulphureus Patrick Harvey

Honorable mention : Reishi Katherine Ann

Honorable mention : Omphalotus illudens John Dawson


First place : Hygrocybe lacmus Renée Lebeuf

Second place : Amanita flavorubens Renée Lebeuf

Third place : Panellus serotinus Charles Fonaas

Honorable mention : Laccaria amethystio-occdentalis Todd Elliott

Honorable mention : Mycoamaranthus sp. Todd Elliott

Judge's Option

First place : Alan McClelland - Wicket's Discovery

Second place : Todd Elliott - Reishi Man

Third place : Gymnosporangia juniperi-virginianae John Dawson

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