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2016 Contest Winners

Here are the winners we unveiled at the 2016 NAMA Shenandoah Foray! Thanks to all who entered, and to John Plischke III who ran the contest. To see a slideshow with a sample of each entrant’s work and all the honorable mentions, follow this link…


First place : Boletus reticuloceps Daniel Winkler

Second place : Ceratiomyxa sphaerosperma Daniel Winkler

Third place : Microglossum rufum Dianna Smith


First place : Hypholoma brunneum Mary Smiley

Second place : Suillus spraguei Bill Yule

Third place : Hygrocybe flavescens Geoff Blame

Judge's Option

First place : Mark Bower - Frosty the Fungus

Second place : Autumn Mallett - Bunny Shaped Fuliho

Third place : Alissa Allen - Mushroom Rainbow

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