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2019 Contest Winners

Here are the winners we unveiled at the 2019 Foray! Thanks to all who entered, and to John Plischke III who ran the contest.  Both Pictorial and Documentary divisions have an Open and Limited category.  Previous winners entries go into Limited, to give new participants an entry level.

Open Pictorial

First place : Mycena interrupta Mark Bower

Second place : Aseroe rubra Mark Bower

Third place : Morchella americana Robert Gerulics

Limited Pictorial

First place : Ramaria cyaneigranosa Steve Ness

Second place : Laetiporus gilbertsonii Steve Ness

Third place : Marasmius siccus Kelly Sinclair

Open Documentary

First place : Entonaema liquescens Mark Bowers

Second place : Mycena haematopus Robert Gergulics

Third place : Amanita pantherinoides Drew Henderson

Limited Documentary

First place : Lactarius repraesentaneus Chance Noffsinger

Second place : Panus conchatus Steve Ness

Third place : Pisolithus arhizus Charles Jones

Judge's Option

First place : Mark Bower - Elroy the Space Fungus

Second place : Robert Gergulic - Black trumpet-stuffed zucchini

Third place : Mark Bower - Turtle at the Lunch Counter

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