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Baroque: French, Spanish and Other (ca. 1600-1750)

Listed separately are Baroque paintings from France, Spain, Hungary, and Scotland.

French Baroque (ca. 1600-1750)

Baugin, Lubin. French, Pithiviers ca. 1610 - Paris 1663.

Kitchen Still life. 1630

  • Location: Galleria Spada, Rome

Baugin, Lubin and Boucle Pierre. French and Dutch.

Kitchen Still life

  • Size: 148 x 330 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Vegetables, fishes, shellfish, wild, dish with agarics, basket with ceps (?)
  • Location: Private collection, Bruxelles
  • Reference: Illustrated in Michel Faré, Le Grand Siècle de la nature morte en France: Le XVIIe Siècle, Fribourg, Office du Livre, 1974

De la Corte, Juan. Spanish. 1590-1662

The Triumph Of David

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; Size: 121 x 188.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Three applanate polypores on tree at left
  • Location: Collection Perez Simon, Mexico City

Desportes, Alexandre-François French, Champigneule, Marne 1661 - 1743 Paris

A still life of game with a musket, baskets of apples and mushrooms, a bunch of celery, two cauliflowers and a cat

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 90 x 118 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket of perhaps cultivated Agaricus bisporus. If so, this may be the first depiction of cultivated A. bisporus.
  • Location: unknown
  • Reference: Sotheby’s Auction. Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium: $312,000 USD

Huilliot, Pierre-Nicolas. French, Paris 1674 - Ibid. 1751.

Vegetables in a niche. 1742

  • Medium: oil on canvas; size: 170 x 110 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Agarics, turnips, radishes, cabbages, pumpkin, celery, artichokes, asparagus
  • Location: Private collection, Paris
  • Mushroom description: They look close to cultivated Agaricus

Jeaurat de Berty, Nicolas-Henry. French, 1728-1796.

Vegetables, pumpkin, and cheese (Légumes, citrouille et fromage)

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 71 x 91 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket filled with agarics, onions, pears, celery, pumpkin
  • Location: Museum of Rouen, France
  • Note: seen by D. Thoen

Le Roux (given names? Perhaps Hector). French? 1682-1740.

Horseradishes, salad, mushrooms, a broken egg…

  • Mushroom identification: A single Agaricus campestris on left foreground; maybe several more in a basket in background.
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference : Last seen on Gabrius website

Liégeois, Paul. French. Mid-17th century.

[a] Still life with pears in a wicker basket and mushrooms scattered on the ground

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 65.5 x 91 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Six Agaricus campestris
  • Location: Musée Sarosien, Chambery, France
  • Reference: Salvi, C. D’Apres Nature. Tournay, Belgium: Renaissance des Livres. 2000.

[b] Still life with dish of peaches, pears and mushrooms. 1666

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 73 x 91 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Three or four Agaricus campestris
  • Location: Private collection, Paris, France
  • Reference: Salvi, C. D’Apres Nature. Tournay, Belgium: Renaissance des Livres. 2000.

[c] Still life with basket stuffed with prunes, peaches, and mushrooms

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 85.5 x 73.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Six Agaricus campestris
  • Location: Private collection, Paris, France
  • Reference: Salvi. C. D’Apres Nature. Tournay, Belgium: Renaissance des Livres. 2000.

Montfort, Octavianus. (Circle of) French. 17th-18th centuries?

[a] Fungi, apricots, pears and other fruits in a Delft fruit bowl

  • Mushroom description: Two indistinct boletes
  • Reference : Last seen on Gabrius website

[b] Still life with oranges, lemons, figs, mushrooms, roses and carnations in a brass dish, etc.

  • Medium: Black chalk, bodycolour, on vellum; size: 40 x 55.2 cm. each (a pair)
  • Mushroom description: Upper panel, probably Leccinum duriusculum Lower panel, unidentifiable mushroom?
  • Reference: Christie’s auction. Sale 7409. Old Master And 19th Century Drawings. 3 July 2007. London, King Street
  • Location: Unknown
  • Web: Christie’s Auction

Oudry, Jean Baptiste (attributed to). French. Paris 1686-Beauvais 1755.

[a] Still life with dog

  • Mushroom description: Basket of indistinct boletes in background
  • Location: Benelli Collection, Florence, Italy

[b] Still life

  • Mushroom description: Agarics
  • Location: Museum of Schwerin, Germany
  • Reference: Museum catalog n° 768
  • Description: Turnips, salad, artichokes, onions, cabbages, radishes, mushrooms, cucumbers, thistles and red flowers
  • Note: seen by D. Thoen

Strasbourg School, Anonymous. French. 17th century.

A lobster, prawns, crayfish, crab, oysters, shells and fungi on a ledge

  • Location: Unknown
  • Mushroom identification: Two Agaricus campestris in right foreground
  • Reference : Last seen on Gabrius website

Spanish Baroque (ca. 1600-1750)

Anonymous, Spanish School, 16-17th century

Still life. ca. 1600

  • Medium: oil on canvas; size: 61 x 83 cm.
  • Mushroom description: A basket of edible? mushrooms close to two dishes with two eggs and two fish
  • Reference: Lempertz-Auktion, Alte Kunst, Katalog 545, black and white illustration. n°222

Anonymous, Spanish. 17th century

Still life with mushrooms. (Nature morte aux champignons)

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 69 X 90 cm.
  • Location: Musee Goya-Jaurés, Castres, France. (Reproduction not seen)
  • Reference: Joconde website

Anonymous, Spanish School. 17th century.

Still life of melon in a bowl with figs and mushrooms

  • Mushroom description: Bolete(?) on left
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference : Last seen on Gabrius website

Anonymous, Spanish School, 17th century.

Still life with pomegranate or Still life with mushrooms and celery (old title)

  • (Nature morte aux grenades, Nature morte aux champignons et aux céleris [titre ancien])
  • Mushroom description: not available
  • Location: Museum Goya-Jaurès, Castres, France
  • Reference: Joconde website (no illustration)

Ledesma, Blas de (follower of). Spanish, 16th century.

A Still life of mushrooms and fruit

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 54.5 x 80 cm.
  • Mushroom descriptionAmanita caesarea, Boletus edulis, grenade, grapes…
  • Reference: Sotheby’s Catalogue, April 1985, fig. 145

Maino, Juan Bautista. Spanish. Pastrana. ca. 1578-Madrid 1649

Adoration of the Magi. (La adoración de los Reyes.) ca. 1610

  • Mushroom description: Foreground, two inconspicuous mushrooms, one showing a ring (Agaricus?)
  • Location: El Prado, Madrid
  • Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon Books. 1957. Clavell, Prado-Museum Spanische Kunst, Barcelona, 1991.

Melendez (or Menendez), Luis Eugenio. Spanish. Naples 1716 –Madrid 1780.

[a] Still life with melons and pears. ca. 1770

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 63.8 x 85.1 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Cap of a large yellow-orange mushroom (Cantharellus?) shown in a basket
  • Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

[b] Still life with pomegranates and mushrooms

  • Mushroom description: Several Agaricus on right; on left, somewhat stylized white capped mushroom with inrolled margin. Perhaps the beautiful but poisonous Agaricus xanthodermus (chrome yellow bulbs).
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference : Last seen on Gabrius website

Mesquida, Antonio. Spanish. 17th century.

Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon Books. 1957, mentions that Robert Graves in Majorca owned a canvas dated 1656 with a fine display of Lactarius sanguifluus, attributed to this Majorcan artist.

Zurbaran, Francisco. Spanish. Fuente de Cantos 1598-Madrid 1664.

[a] Circle of pears and mushrooms on a ledge

  • Mushroom description: Five Agaricus (probably) campestris
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Last seen on Gabrius website

[b] School of Nuts, cheese, grapes, almonds and mushrooms

  • Location: Art Institute, Chicago

Baroque, other countries

Anonymous. Nationality and period unknown

Still life of mushrooms

  • Mushroom description: Four Agaricus in a dish
  • Location: Private collection
  • Reference: Les plaisirs de l’automne, Olivier Calon. Paris: Du May, 1995, 125 pp., p. 121.

Bogdani, Jacob. (follower of) Hungarian. 1658/60 -1724.

Chickens and other birds in an extensive landscape

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 67.5 x 106 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Two agarics, in the lower right corner
  • Location: unknown
  • Reference: Sotheby’s – Old Master Paintings, London 28-10-1992, p. 65, fig. 112

Cöln, David von. Swedish. c. 1690-1763. (Attribution uncertain)

Still life with a mushroom

  • Medium: Oil on canvas; size: 62 x 83 cm.
  • Mushroom description: An upside-down Agaricus
  • Location: National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. (# NMDrh 769)
  • Note: Xerox in Elio Schaechter’s collection

Hamilton, James. Scottish, ca. 1640-1720

Still life with tree, daisy, …

  • Location: The Leger Galleries, London
  • Reference: communicated to D. Thoen by Robert S. Marks, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1987

Hamilton, Frans. Scottish? 17th -18th centuries?

Still life

  • Mushroom description: Two gilled mushrooms and group of small mushrooms in foreground
  • Location: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung, Munich, Germany
  • Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon

Stranover, Tobias. Hungarian. Active 1684 – 1731

Still life of carrots, a cauliflower, cabbage, artichokes, mushrooms, a pumpkin and other vegetables, various fruits in a basket, with a monkey

  • Mushroom description: Several Amanita caesarea on right
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Last seen on Gabrius website
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