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Flemish Baroque (ca. 1600-1750)

Paintings and tapestries of still lifes, allegories, landscapes, market scenes. Many show readily identifiable edible species.

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Belgian, Anonymous


  • Medium: Tapestry
  • Mushroom description: Four gilled mushrooms (Agaricales) at the foot of a tree
  • Location: Collection of H. Paul Dupuis, Charleroi, Belgium
  • ReferenceBelgië op de wereldtentoonstelling van de jacht (catalog). Budapest. Aug.-Sept., 1971.

Belgian, Anonymous. Early 17th century

The Proliferation of Animals After the Flood (La multiplicazione degli animali dopo il diluvio)

  • Medium: Tapestry
  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner: four reddish brown mushrooms (Hypholoma sublateritium?) at the foot of an oak surrounded by a grape vine, female ferns, oxalis
  • Location: Museo di Urbino
  • Note: two transparencies (D. Thoen)

Benedetti, Andries. Flemish. Active, 1641-1649

Sumptuous Still Life

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 168 x 140 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket of Boletus edulis
  • Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
  • Reference: Ember, I. Delights of the Senses. Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts. 1989.

Bernaerts, Nicasius (called Monsù Nicasio). Flemish. Antwerp 1620-Paris 1678

[a] Birds and fungi (Uccelli e fungi)

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 42 x 58 cm.
  • Location: Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy (inv. no. 1890)
  • Mushroom description: Group of Boletus cf. pinophilus and birds
  • ReferenceLa natura morta in palazzo e villa. Ed. Sillabe, 1998.

[b] Poultry in a Kitchen

  • Medium: Oils; size: 121 x 152 cm.
  • Mushroom descriptionAgaricus (?) in a copper bowl
  • Location: unknown
  • ReferenceCatalog PIASA. Paris. June 6, 2000.

Bloemen, Norbert Van (called Cefalus). Flemish. 1670-1746

Vegetable Vendor in a Southern Landscape with a Caprice of Rome in the Background (Gemüseverkäuferin in einer Südlichen Landschaft, in Hintergrund ein Capriccio von Rom)

  • Mushroom description: Group of large mushrooms, probably Amanita caesarea, for sale on bare ground on a street
  • Location: Unknown
  • ReferenceWerbematerial Auktionshaus. Bonn: A. Bödiger. 1999.
  • Web: Gabrius website

Boeckel, Peter van. Flemish. ca. 1610-1673

Dead Game and Vegetables on a Larder

  • Mushroom description: Three mushrooms, perhaps boletes
  • Location: Private collection

Boucle, Van Peter. Flemish. 1610?-1673

Kitchen Still Life of Game, Meat, Freshwater and Sea Crustacean, Grapes…

  • Mushroom description: Several indistinct mushrooms on left foreground
  • Location: Unknown
  • Web: Gabrius website

Bredael, Pieter van. Flemish. Antwerp 1629-1719

Market at Campo Vacchino. 1666

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 152 x 244.3 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Three unidentified mushrooms in the left corner, below
  • Location: National Museum of Art and History, Luxembourg

Breughel, Abraham. Flemish. Antwerp 1631-Naples1697

[a] Still life with flowers and fungi

  • Mushroom description: Group of Amanita caesarea
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website

[b] Still Life of Fruit and Flowers Resting on a Stone Ledge with Mushrooms in the Foreground

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 45.7 by 56.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: One Amanita caesarea, two boletes, one with cracked cap
  • Location: unknown
  • References: Sotheby’s New York. May 29, 2003. (lot 96)

Coosemans, Alexander. Flemish. 1627-1689

Fruit Piece (Still-life of various fruits set on stone with a landscape in the distance)

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 78.7 x 55.6 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Collection of five capped mushrooms in left foreground
  • Location: Bowes Museum, Durham, UK

Fiammingo, Paolo (Franck, Pauwels). Flemish. Antwerp ca. 1540-1596

Rocky Landscape with Satyr, Nymphs, Midas, and Pan (Felsige Landschaft mit Satyrn, Nymphen, Midas und Pan)

  • Mushroom description: Lower center, a small cluster of yellowish brown mushrooms (Hypholoma ?)
  • Location: Boden Museum, Berlin, Germany
  • Note: Seen by D. Thoen

Flemish School, Anonymous. 17th century

[a] Still Life

  • Mushroom descriptionAmanita caesarea, asparagus, artichoke, borage (starflowers) flowers
  • Location: Museum of Padua, Italy (inv. no. 1033)

[b] Vanity with Vase of Flowers (Vanité au vase de fleurs) 1580, Bruxelles

  • Mushroom description: Two mushrooms (?) left of a frog
  • Location: Private collection, R. Finck

Fyt, Jan. Flemish. Antwerp 1611-1661

[a] Still Life with Basket, Melon, Celery, Various Birds and Mushrooms

  • Medium: Oils on wood; size: 49 x 63.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Four Boletus pinophilus. The hymenial surface of the foreground left mushroom seems to be moldy, perhaps an early stage of Hypomyces chrysospermus which is a frequent fruitbody parasite of boletes.
  • Location: Musées Royaux des Beaux-Artes de Belgique, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon Books. 1957.

[b] Wild Game and Fruits (Selvaggina e frutti)

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 94 x 107 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner: Ramaria, agaric, Russula (?)
  • Location: Galleria Sabauda, Turin, Italy (inv. no. 502)
  • Note: transparency (D. Thoen)

Gheyn, Jacob II de. Flemish. Antwerp 1565-The Hague 1629

[a] The Witches’ Kitchen. 1604 or 1608

  • Medium: drawing
  • Location: Staatliche Museum, Berlin, Germany

[b] The Witches’ Kitchen

  • Medium: drawing
  • Mushroom description: Several mushrooms in a kitchen
  • Location: Banque Nationale de Paris

Gillemans, Jan Pauwel the Elder. Flemish. 1618-1675

[a] Painting of the Madonna. 1655

  • Mushroom descriptionBoletus edulis
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Killermann, S. 1927

[b] Garland of Fruits around a Medallion with Putti (radishes, asparagus, melon, pear, garlic, onion, cherries, artichoke, carrot, grapes, currants…)

  • Mushroom description: Agarics
  • Location: Fine Art Museum, Budapest, Hungary (inv. no. 77.14)
  • Note: Three digital photographs (D. Thoen #s 2496, 2497, 2498)

[c] An Elaborate Still Life of Fruit

  • Location: Private collection
  • Reference: communicated to D. Thoen in 1987 by Robert S. Marks, University of California, Santa Barbara

Gossaert, Jan (Mabuse). Flemish. Maubeuge 1478-Breda (?) 1532

Adam and Eve. 1525.

  • Mushroom description: A single mushroom (?) near the right foot of Adam
  • Location: Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
  • Note: At least nine Goessaert paintings on this theme are known. It seems likely that mushrooms are also found in some of them.
  • Web:

Goubau, Antoine. Flemish. Antwerp 1616-1698. Active in Italy

The Fruit Market (Il mercato della frutta)

  • Mushroom description: pears, grapes, apples and agarics (?) in a linen bag
  • Location: Museo Eremitani, Padua (inv. no. 75)
  • Note: seen by D. Thoen in 2000

Govaerts (or Goovaerts), Abraham. Flemish. Antwerp 1588/89 -1626

Wooded Landscape Illustrating the Hunt. 1614

  • Medium: panel; size: 35.5 x 51 cm.
  • Location: unknown
  • Mushroom description: Right lower corner, probably one, two, or three reddish brown mushrooms
  • Reference.: De Jonckheere. Tableaux de Maîtres Flamands et Hollandais des XVIe et XVIIe Siècles. 1991.

Grimmer, Jacob. Flemish, Antwerp ca. 1525 - 1590

Midday Meal in the Field (Mittagsrat auf dem Felde)

  • Medium: Oils on panel; size: 83 x 111 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner – probably a mushroom at the border of a forest with a snake
  • Reference: Lempertz-Auktion, Alte Kunst, Katalog 526.

Gryeff, de Adriaen. Flemish. 1670-Bruxelles, 1715

A Dead Cockerel and Songbirds Hanging on Nails with Other Dead Birds, Mushrooms and a Melon Strewn on the Ground, a Mansion Beyond

  • Mushroom description: A red-pored bolete in right foreground
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website

Hamilton, Philipp Ferdinand De. Flemish. Brussels, ca. 1664-Vienna 1750

[a] A Chicken by Baskets of Asparagus and Mushrooms by Dead Birds in a Landscape; Two Chickens by a Basket of Fruit and Vegetables in a Landscape

  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website

[b] Bird’s Nest and Lizard with Mushrooms and Thistle

  • Location: Unknown
  • Mushroom description: Indistinct mushroom
  • Reference: Gabrius website

[c] Studies of Fungi (including three examples of pinkish-white bracket fungi) 1736

  • Medium: Oils on paper; size: 25.4 x 34.9 cm.
  • Mushroom description: (possibly Rigidoporus ulmarius), and edible mushrooms (Russula xerampelina?)
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website 

[d] Studies of Fungi: the Charcoal Burner

  • Mushroom description: The lower three are Russula cyanoxantha
  • Location: Unknown

[e] The Fox in the Courtyard. 1746

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size 77 x 88 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Two Amanita muscaria in lower left foreground
  • Location: Unknown
  • WebWikipedia

Hoecke, Jan van den. Flemish, Antwerp 1611 - 1651

May (month of)

  • Medium: Tapestry
  • Mushroom desciprtion: Agaricus, bolete, mixed with lemons, beans and turnips
  • Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (inv. no. 15310)
  • Note: seen by D. Thoen (transparencies)

Hoefnagel, Joris. Flemish. 1542–1600

Rubra mihi cutis es…. (plate 7 in pt. 3 of the book, Archetypa studiaque patrisä (Frankfurt: n. p., [15]92), parts 1-4 in 1 vol., 1592)

  • Medium: Engraving; size: 15 x 20.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Probably Lactarius with inrolled cap, upside down
  • Location: Aschenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts. (1963.30.38736.29)

Horemans, Jan Josef the Younger II. Flemish. 1714-1790

Kitchen Still Life with Apples and Pears in Baskets, Plums and Blackberries in Porcelain Bowls, Melons, Porcini Mushrooms, Peaches, Cardoon, and Other Objects All Arranged on a Wooden Table

  • Mushroom description: Group of red capped boletes (perhaps Boletus edulis) on left foreground

Huys, Pieter. Flemish. Antwerp 1519-ca. 1581 (attributed to)

Margot the Fool, or the Madwoman (Margot la folle ou l’enragée)

  • Medium: Oils on panel; size: 39 x 58 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Right lower corner: silhouette of three dogs and four agarics
  • Location: Unknown
  • ReferenceVentes Publiques au Palais des Beaux-Arts. Bruxelles, Nov. 1992

Immenraet, Philips Augustijn. Flemish. Antwerp 1627-Rome 1679


  • Mushroom description: Ochre boletes, in the shade of big trees
  • Location: Museum of Strasbourg, France
  • Reference: transparency (D. Thoen)

Jordaens, Jacob. Flemish. Antwerp 1593-1678

Diogenes with Lantern looking for Man in the Marketplace. (Diogenes mit der Laterne sucht auf dem Markt nach Menschen) ca. 1650

  • Mushroom description: Boletes, probably Boletus aestivalis
  • Location: Galerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany (Inventory # 1010)
  • Reference: Brück & Sons. Meissen. 1995.

Kessel, Jan Van, the Elder. Flemish. Antwerp 1626-1697

[a] Market Scene with A Girl Selling Fruit and a Hunter

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 120 x 170 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Fruit and vegetable stall with basket of mushrooms (boletes?)
  • Location: Statens Museum For Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Reference: Greindl. E. Les Peintures Flamands de La Nature Morte aux XVIIe siécle. Sterrebeek. 1983.
  • Note: Copy with modifications of Frans Snyders, Fruit and Vegetable Stall, q.v.

[b] Animals and Toadstools

  • Mushroom description: Lizard, snake, frog, snails, two red Russula (emetica ?), Russula with white stipe and dark brown cap
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Seen by D. Thoen at the Galerie Boskovitch, Bruxelles, Belgium, in February 1981

[c] Still life with Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables and Animals

  • Medium: On copper; size: 18.5 x 26 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket filled with agarics, a bolete (?) and a chanterelle (?) on the floor
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Galerie Robert Finck, Bruxelles. Collection de tableaux anciens du XVè au XIXès. Nov. 19, 1976. No. 25.

[d] Flowers in a Glass Vase with Grapes and Cherries on a Ledge, Wild Strawberries in a Chinese Wan Li Bowl, Mushrooms in a Basket, Fish, a Melon and Other Fruit in a Landscape

  • Medium: On copper; size: 11.8 x 15 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Brown mushrooms looking like boletes but gilled!
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Christie’s, Old Master Pictures. Amsterdam, 13-11-1990.

[e] Fruits in a Landscape (Frutta in un paesaggio)

  • Medium: Oils on panel; size: 15.5 x 22 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Left side: mushrooms in a basket with asparagus
  • Location: Palazzo Pitti, Galleria Palatina, Florence (inv. 1890, no. 1228)
  • ReferenceLa natura morta a palazzo e in villa-Le collezioni dei Medici e dei Lorena. Sillabe, Florence.

Kessel, Jan Van, the Younger. Flemish. ca. 1654-1708

Kitchen Still Life with Poultry, Birds, a Hare, a Boar’s Head and Mushrooms in a Basket

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 34.5 x 31.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket with Boletus edulis on the right
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Sotheby’s Ludwigsburg, October 9, 2000
  • Web: Gabrius website

Keirincx, Alexander. Flemish. Antwerp 1600-Amsterdam 1652

Forest landscape with Large Oak (Waldige Landschaft mit einer grossen Eiche)

  • Medium: Oils on canvas
  • Mushroom description: Four or five: Mushrooms (agarics or boletes?) at the foot of the oak
  • Location: Staatsgalerie. Stuttgart, Germany
  • Reference: Poster edited by Staatsgalerie

Monogrammist. Flemish, active ca. 1700

A Swag of Grapes, Pomegranates, Oranges, Melons, Peaches, Cherries, Red Berries, Strawberries, Plums, Lemons, Together with Dragonflies, a Painted Lady Butterfly, a Lizard Holding A Cabbage, White Mushrooms, a Moth and a Woodsnail in Front of a Bust of the Infant Bacchus, Set Against a Draped Curtain, a River Landscape Beyond

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 127.2 x 103.2 cm.
  • Location: unknown
  • Reference: Sotheby’s Auction. Hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium.

Quellinus, Jan Erasmus. Flemish. Antwerp 1634-Malines 1715 With Jan Fyt (q.v.)

Jesus with Martha and Mary (Jesus Chez Marthe Et Marie)

  • Location: Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France

Rysbrack, Pieter Andreas. Flemish. Paris ca. 1684-London 1748

A pair of pictures: Dead Cockerel, Ducks, a Pigeon, a Greenfinch and Mushrooms in an Italianate Landscape; A Dead Pheasant, Partridges, Goldfinches, Quails and Apricots, Plums and Peaches in an Italianate landscape

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 65.1 x 109.3 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Group of brown boletes on left foreground of the first of the two paintings
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Christie’s auction. Sale 7414. 6 July 2007. London, King Street
  • WebChristie’s Auction

Saive, Jean Baptiste de. Flemish. ca. 1540-1624 (attributed to)

A Market Stall

Savery, Roelant. Flemish. Kortrij 1576-Utrecht 1639

[a] Paradise (Das Paradies). 1626

  • Medium: Oils
  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner, seven to nine unindentified greyish brown agarics, in front of a brown bear
  • Location: Bode Museum. Berlin
  • Note: seen by D. Thoen

[b] Forest Thicket after a Storm (Waldesdickicht nach einem Sturm). ca. 1620/1630

  • Mushroom description: A mushroom at the foot of a fallen tree
  • Location: Kunsthalle, Hamburg
  • Note: Seen by D. Thoen

Smets, Jacob. Flemish. Mechelen (Flanders) 1680-Much (France) 1764

[a] Rustic table (Table rustique) 1736

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 64 x 92 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Young Agaricus in the lower left corner
  • Location: Museum of Auch, France

[b] Fruit in a Landscape. 1736

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 64 x 101 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Lower right corner, two mushrooms (boletes?)
  • Note: may also found in the Museum of Auch

[c] Fruit in a landscape. 1736

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 61 x 108 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner, two agarics
  • Location: Museum of Auch, France

Snyders, Frans (Snijders). Flemish. Antwerp 1579-Id. 1657

[a] Fruit and Vegetable Stall

  • Mushroom description: Basket with Boletus edulis
  • Location: Alte Pinakothek, Munich (Inventory #4278)
  • Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon Books. 1957. Schneider. Stilleben. Cologne. 1989. Robels. Snyders. Munich. 1989.
  • Note: Copy is in Schloss Pommersfelden, Germany, and a variant is in the Louvre.

[b] Female Fruit and Vegetable Seller

  • Medium: Oils
  • Mushroom descriptionAgaricus sp. on a sieve
  • Location: Bowes Museum, Bernard Castle, Durham, UK
  • Reference: Robels. Snyders. Munich. 1989.

[c] The Vegetable Market. ca. 1620

  • Medium: Oils
  • Mushroom description: Basket with Boletus edulis
  • Location: Ermitage, St. Petersburg (Inventory #1313)
  • Reference: Robels. Snyders. Munich. 1989.
  • Note: Copy by the Earl of Dudley, London

[d] The Hunt at the Dam (Chasse au Dam)

  • Medium: Oils
  • Mushroom description: Gilled mushrooms (cf. Hypholoma fasciculare) on a tree stump
  • Location: Musée Royaux des Beaux Artes, Bruxelles

[e] Fruit Stall

  • Mushroom description: Basket of (probably) Agaricus campestris in left foreground
  • Location: The Bowes Museum Barnard Castle, Durham County, UK

[f] Still life with Fruit and Vegetables

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 160 cm x 252 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket of agarics in middle foreground
  • Location: Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California

[g] Still Life with Vegetables and Fruit

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 15 x 35 in.
  • Mushroom description: One Boletus edulis on left
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Warner, R. Dutch and Flemish Flower and Fruit Painters of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. Second ed. Amsterdam: BM Israel NV. 1975.

[h] (Studio of) Persons at the Entrance of a Kitchen (Personnages à l’entrée d’une cuisine)

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 182 x 291.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Brown mushrooms in a basket, on the middle right part of the painting
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Ader Picard Trajab, Paris, 22-06-1990, fig. 47.
  • Note: Variation of a painting of Snijders (Oils on canvas, 201 x 333 cm) at Bayerische Staatsammlungen, Munich

Snyers, Pieter. Flemish. 1681-1752

[a] Still life of fruit and mushrooms

  • Mushroom description: Two red boletes
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website

[b] Peaches, Plums, Medlar, Figs on a Vine, an Apple, Mushrooms and a Beetle on a Forest Floor

  • Mushroom description: Group of red boletes
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Le musée du potager. Ed. Réunion des musées nationaux, 1998.
  • Web: Gabrius website

[c] Still Life: Vegetables and Fruits

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 152 x 179 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Pile of Boletus edulis on foreground
  • Location: Louvre Museum, Paris

[d] The Nest

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 68 x 86 cm.
  • Location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerpen (inv. no. 337)
  • Mushroom description: Lower right corner, more than 15 collected boletes young and mature, with rufous brown caps and rufous white claviform stipes)
  • ReferenceLa peinture florale du XVIe au XXe siècle. Ed. du Credit Communal, 1996.

[e] Grapes and Vine Leaves on a Stone Ledge with Apples, Mushrooms and a Snail

Son, Joris van. Flemish, Antwerp 1623-1667

Crown of Small Flowers and Mushrooms (Corona de florecillas y setas)

  • Location: Museo del Prado, Madrid
  • Reference: Communicated to D. Thoen in 1987 by Robert S. Marks.

Teniers, David the Younger. Flemish. Antwerp 1610–1690

[a] Witches’ Scene

[b] Cartouche pierre avec, au centre, une assemblée nocturne de sorcières. ca. 1640/50

  • Mushroom description: Two clusters of Boletus edulis (six above a witches scenery and four below)
  • Location: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hambourg
  • ReferenceMagie et Sorcellerie en Europe du Moyen Age à nos jours. Ed. A. Colin. Paris, 1994.

[c] Gentlemen by a Fountain (Les Cavaliers à la fontaine). Tapestry woven in the 17th century after a sketch drawn by David Teniers II.

  • Location: Castle of Cheverny, Loire Region, France
  • Mushroom description: Women selling fruits and vegetables; a basket of brown mushrooms in a stall.
  • Reference: Photographed by D. Thoen

Teniers II, David & Kessel, Jan van

Antonio Moncada Repulses Cabrera. 1663

  • Medium: Oils on copper; size: 54 x 68.5 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Upper left corner: five mushrooms with brown caps and white, claviform stipes mixed with fruits.
  • Reference: The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF), Maastricht 1997

Utrecht, Adrien Van. Flemish. Antwerp 1599-1652 With figures by J. Jordaens (see Jordaens).

[a] The arrival of the Tide (L’Arrivé de la Marée)

  • Mushroom description: Fishermen with fish and trays of various foods, including a plate with approximately 12 mushrooms. Hard to tell if gilled mushrooms or boletes.
  • Location: Musées Royaux des Beaux-Artes, Bruxelles, Belgium

[b] Still Life with Vegetables and Fish (Stillleben mit Gemüse und Fischen)

  • Mushroom description: Several mushrooms in foreground, one (probably) Boletus edulis
  • Location: Unknown
  • Reference: Gabrius website

[c] Still Life with Baskets, Pumpkin, Drapery, Various Vegetables and Mushrooms

  • Mushroom description: Group of boletes on left and bundled gilled mushrooms in right foreground
  • Location: Musées Royaux des Beaux-Artes, Bruxelles
  • Reference: Wasson, G. and V. Mushrooms, Russia, and History. NY: Pantheon Books. 1957.

[d] Kitchen Interior with a Still Life, Maid by the Fire

  • Mushroom description: Mushrooms in center and right foreground
  • Location: Bridgeman’s Art Library, London
  • Reference: Forty. Meisterwerke der Malerei. Augsburg. 1999.

[e] (with) Jordaens, Jacob. Flemish

  • Still Life With Fishmonger-Lobster; Crab; Hare; Goose; Cod; Partridge; Cockerel; Carcass; Pumpkin; Sausages; Eel; Basket; Mushroom
  • Medium: Oils; size: 200 x 320 cm.
  • Mushroom description: Basket of Agaricus?
  • Location: Phillips. The International Fine Art Auctioneers. UK.

[f] attributed to Still Life with a Swordfish, Vegetables, Mushrooms, and a Shot Wildfowl

  • Medium: Oils on canvas; size: 71.5 x 97 cm.
  • Mushroom description: not available
  • Location: unknown
  • Reference: Auction, Dorotheum, Lot No. 194, October 5, 2005.

Valkenborgh, Maerten van, I. Flemish, Leuven 1535-Frankfort 1612

Landscape with Hay Cart

  • Mushroom description: Left corner, below: some yellow ochre agaric at the foot of an oak(?) tree
  • Location: unknown
  • Reference: not available

Van Dyck, Anthonis Sir. Flemish. Antwerp 1599-London 1641

Saint Jerome. (Der Heilige Hieronymus.) ca. 1618

  • Location: Galerie Alte Meister, Dresden. (Inventory # 1024)
  • Mushroom description: Boletes, probably Boletus erythropus
  • Reference: Catalog. Dresden. 1992.

Verendael, Nicolaes van. Flemish. Antwerp 1640-1691

Still Life of Fruits with Flowers

  • Mushroom description: Lower left corner: cluster of at least three species of mushrooms (e.g. Boletus edulis) surrounded by insects
  • Location: Stedelijke Musea, Lier, Belgium
  • Note: Transparency by D. Thoen

Vranckx, Sebastiaan. Flemish. Antwerp 1573-1647

The Pillaging of a Hamlet (Plundering van een gehucht)

  • Medium: Oils on panel; size: 60 x 104 cm.
  • Location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerpen (no. 878 (?)
  • Mushroom description: Stipitate, greyish blue mushrooms at the foot of a stump
  • Note: Seen by D. Thoen

Wildens, Jan. Flemish. Antwerp 1586-1653

Landscape with Dancing Shepherds

  • Medium: Oils; size: 135 x 218 cm.
  • Location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerpen
  • Mushroom description: A stipitated mushroom in a forest behind two dancing shepherds
  • Reference: Transparency by D. Thoen
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