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I am a Teaching Associate in the Biology Department, University of Washington. From 2004-2006 I held a position at the University of Washington herbarium (WTU), Burke Museum of Natural History, as Assistant Curator of Lichens and Bryophytes. I continue my curatorial interests as Museum Curatorial Associate in the herbarium, where I manage historic collections and process lichens from the Pacific Northwest and Russian Far East. Research interests include alpine lichen community structure on Mount Rainier, Olympic and North Cascade Mountains. I have made collections from Mount St. Helens, looking at successional patterns. I also study lichens from island ecosystems (San Juan Islands and Sakhalin Island, Russia).

I lead the Seattle Lichen Guild, which is a weekly lichen study group, meeting at the University of Washington. My presentation topics include:

  • Lichens Around Puget Sound or Seattle
  • Lichen Conservation
  • Lichens of the San Juan Islands
  • Lichens of Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East
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