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I have delivered presentations and served as a field mycologist at conferences sponsored by several NAMA affiliated clubs including the Gulf States Mycological Society, the Missouri Mycological Society and the Texas Mycological Society. I can present general programs about mushrooms designed for beginners as well as one focusing on mushroom toxins. I have done one-day workshops consisting of a foray followed by mushroom identification and a program. Such workshops were oriented toward teaching individuals mushroom identification skills. Programs that I have done on specific types of mushrooms include presentations on the genus Amanita in the South and Southeast areas of the U.S. as well as Southern boletes. I am willing to travel and speak to mushroom clubs if I can be reimbursed for the cost of such transportation. Like most mycologists I greatly enjoy traveling to new areas and meeting other mushroom enthusiasts as well as seeing new mushrooms. My mushroom/fungal identification skills are the highest in the South and Southeast regions of the U.S.

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