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I am currently Assistant Professor in Biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. My research interests include fungal diversity, evolution, ecology and conservation. Recent projects have employed field studies and molecular genetics to study mycorrhizal fungi in high-elevation habitats, phylogenetic studies of the boletes (especially Tylopilus), and responses of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to global change. My current research is on the Moorea Biocode Project, an effort to taxonomically characterize the biodiversity of a model Pacific tropical ecosystem. I have presented programs for COMA, BAMS and MSSF.

I am available to serve as a speaker or foray mycologist for NAMA and local mushroom club events. Potential topics for talks include conservation of fungal biodiversity, a role for mushroom societies in biodiversity science, evolutionary concepts and the changing classification of mushroom-forming fungi, mushroom systematics and taxonomy (including hands-on workshops and short courses), and topics pertaining to the research projects mentioned above.

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