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I can speak on a variety of topics:

  • Mushroom identification – review of major groups and genera (using PNW species but could be expanded to include wider range)*
  • Edible mushrooms and non-edible/poisonous look-alikes*
  • Mushroom ecology with a bit of ID thrown in*
  • Introduction to lichens*
  • Lichen identification (NW species)*
  • Life before flowers – general introduction to cryptogamic “botany” including fungi, algae, lichens, slime molds, bryophytes, ferns, etc.*
  • Review of nematode-trapping fungi (with IWF movies)

* For smaller audiences (<75), these talks can be in full color, zooming stereo using a dual projector system and polarized glasses (I can provide but need some support for upkeep); a special reflective screen is needed which I can bring when close to home.  Otherwise, I use Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) on a MacBook I bring.

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