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I am a biologist, writer and artist who has been obsessed with mushrooms in general and amanitas in particular for over twenty years. I am co-founder of the Bay Area Mycological Society and teach field mycology classes through a variety of venues. Some of my past talks to mushroom clubs, NAMA forays and to the general public have included:

  • Amanitas of California
  • Amanitas: Delicious to Deadly
  • Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of Northern California
  • Mushrooms in the Garden and Woods
  • Poisonous Mushrooms and their Toxins
  • Zen and the Art of Mushroom Hunting

My biography can be found on the BAMS website. My writings appear frequently on the BAMS Yahoo discussion group. I’d be glad to speak to any mushroom club or foray, if my transportation costs are covered. I love visiting new areas, meeting new people and learning new mushrooms!

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