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My programs, walks and classes are for beginners to help with observation skills which are the first steps to mushroom identification.  Through a series of slides and samples I do an interactive program on fungal characteristics such as gills or pores, cap textures, sizes and colors as well as habitat and plant associations.  Longer classes practice using keys and delve deeper into fungal ecology. I briefly touch on edibility, but it is not the focus of my classes or talks.

I am an Environmental Educator with a background in Geology and Science Education.  In 1988 I took my first mushroom identification class and  began my fascination with mycology. In 1989 a small group of us started Northwest Mushroomers Association in Bellingham, WA.  I started teaching beginning Identification classes in 1994 and currently teach through North Cascades Institute  and Seattle Public Utility District.  I am a former president of the Pacific Northwest Key Council.

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