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Having been in love with mushrooms since childhood I managed to bend my career as an ecologist and geographer focused on High Asia towards researching mushrooms and rural income in Tibet, Himalayas and China. I am fascinated by ethno-mycology, the role mushrooms play in different cultures. I write about mushrooms and frequently do presentations combining my photography with an often entertaining blend of stories and scientific information. Furthermore, I organize MushRoaming tours to Tibet, Bhutan, Amazon, Colombia and Europe. I love to travel. My webpages showcase some of my fungal work. Selected talks:

  • Tibet’s Most Marvelous Mushrooms
  • Tales of Tibet’s Fungal Miracle – Cordyceps sinensis – Caterpillar Fungus
  • Flavorful, Fancy & Foul Fungi from Far Flung Places
  • Choice Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
  • Amazing Amazon Mushrooms
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