2005 Contest Winners

Pictorial Open

Boletus bicolor

First place: Boletus bicolor by David Work

Cortinarius iodes

Second place: Cortinarius iodes by David Dennis

Amanita muscaria

Third place: Amanita muscaria by Michael Beug


Documentary Open

Collybia dryophila

First place: Collybia dryophila by David Dennis

Hygrphorus fulgineus

Second place: Hygrphorus fulgineus by Noah Siegel

Daldinia concentrica

Third place: Daldinia concentrica by David Dennis


Judge's Option

Millipede on Pluteus

Millipede on Pluteus by Walt Sturgeon

Clathrus ruber

"Rosemary's Stinky Baby" Clathrus ruber by Ron Pastorino


Morel Harvest at the Yoder Farm by Dean Abel


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