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2011 Contest Winners

Here are the winners from 2011. There were many new entrants this year.


Phallus indusiatus

First place: Phallus indusiatus, by Christian Schwarz

Lactarius substriatus

Second place: Lactarius substriatus, by Erin Page Blanchard

Armillaria mellea

Third place: Armillaria mellea, by Charles Fonaas

Marasmius plicatulus

Honorable mention: Marasmius plicatulus, by Christian Schwarz

Ramariopsis kunzei

Honorable mention: Ramariopsis kunzei, by Dianna Smith

Spathulariopsis velutipes

Honorable mention: Spathulariopsis velutipes, by Dianna Smith



Agaricus praeclaresquamosus

First place: Agaricus praeclaresquamosus, by Christian Schwarz

Hygrocybe psittacina

Second place: Hygrocybe psittacina, by Erin Page Blanchard

Mycena aurantiomarginata

Third place: Mycena aurantiomarginata, by Christian Schwarz

Polyporus radicatus

Honorable mention: Polyporus radicatus, by Charles Fonaas

Scleroderma citrinum

Honorable mention: Scleroderma citrinum, by Charles Fonaas

Hygrocybe calyptraeformis

Honorable mention: Hygrocybe calyptraeformis, by Christian Schwarz

Cheimonophyllum candissimus

Honorable mention: Cheimonophyllum candissimus, by Dianna Smith

Clathrus ruber

Honorable mention: Clathrus ruber by Erin Page Blanchard

Judge's Option

Destroying Angels

First Place: Destroying Angels by Linnea Gillman

Mushroom Books

Second place: Mushroom Books: Mine and Noah Siegel's
by John Stuart

Disney Megabuckus

Third place: Disney Megabuckus by Ann Berger

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