2013 Contest Winners

Here are the winners! Thanks to all who entered, and to John Plischke III who ran the contest. To see a slideshow with a sample of each entrant's work and all the honorable mentions, follow this link...


Ramaria araiospora Winkler

First place: Ramaria araiospora var araiospora, by Daniel Winkler

Polyozellus multiplex Frank

Second place: Polyozellus multiplex, by Jonathan Frank

Fomitopsis spraguei

Third place: Fomitopsis spraguei, by Walt Sturgeon


Hygrocybe appalachiensis

First place: Hygrocybe appalachiensis, by Walt Sturgeon

Psathyella epimyces

Second place: Psathyrella epimyces, by Kathy Yerich


Third place: Ophiocoydyceps sp., by Daniel Winkler

Judge's Option

Russula variata Shnaz

First place: Russula variata Shnaz, by Dianna Smith

Mushroom Likes Joyce - John Stuart

Second place: Mushroom Likes Joyce, by John Stuart

Morel by Alan McClelland

Third Place: Morel, by Alan McClelland

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