2016 Shenandoah Foray

We're looking forward to seeing you at the NAMA 2016 Shenandoah Foray (September 8-11, 2016, Front Royal, VA) located in the unique environment of the bio-regions of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We will be stationed at the Northern Virginia 4-H Center  just minutes from Shenandoah National Park and the Appalachian Trail, and just 60 miles from Washington, DC's Dulles Airport. Learn more…

Foray Registration Note

Normally, you can view all pages and content on the NAMA website without being logged in. However, to register for the annual foray, you'll need your login and password. If you've forgotten yours, enter your email address on this page: click here to reset your password. Once you ask for a resend, the temporary password needs to be used within three (3) hours. For further assistance, contact Steve Bichler

Lichen Basics

Lichens are amazing organisms. They are all around us and we hardly notice them. Found on soil, tree bark, rocks and even some under water, they are actually two organisms living together (symbiosis). The major component is a fungus (mycobiont), hence they are classified as fungi — the vast majority being ascomycetes. Lichens are fungi that have taken up farming, and they are known as lichenized fungi. There are four major growth forms — crustose, foliose, fruticose and squamulose.
To see the page on Lichens written by Dorothy Smullen, follow this link...

New Regional Trustee


Nancy Ward has been elected NAMA Regional Trustee for Appaliachia for a three year term. She is the current president of the West Virginia Mushroom Cub. The West Virginia club was resurrected 12 years ago by Nancy Ward, Shelly Conrad, Nelle Chilton, and Martha Hopper. The club has sponsored an annual foray which has grown from a small gathering to a major event. Nancy’s interest in mycology began 20 years ago while visiting the west coast. It was slow going at first as she had no guidance. Then she joined NAMA and the WPMC. She began traveling to forays and has been passionate about all things fungal ever since. Her photographs have appeared in several publications including Gary Lincoff's Mushroom Hunter. She also creates wreaths and other items using polypores. Nancy recently retired and hopes to devote more time to mycology. We welcome Nancy Ward as a new Regional Trustee.