• North American Mycological Association

    Promoting, pursuing and advancing mycology

  • Asociación Micológica de América del Norte

    Perseguir y hacer avanzar la micología

  • Association Mycologique d'Amérique du Nord

    Poursuivre et faire progresser la mycologie

NAMA Education Resources

NAMA provides a wide spectrum of educational materials for teachers and naturalists, as well as media for affiliated clubs to enrich meetings — from an introduction to mycology to a detailed overview of the fleshy Ascomycetes.

Materials for Teaching Mycology

Inspire kids from kindergarten through high school to learn the science of mushrooms. NAMA's teaching materials are best suited for use in a classroom, nature center, science museum, or focused study group. The materials include lesson plans, field trip activities, references, and games. There is a simple Basic 45 Minute Lesson on Fungi, with instructions and supporting material. There is also a new alternative Lesson Plan for grades K-12. Also included is an extensive list of references: literature, books and field guides, and online resources. More about teaching mycology...

Mushroom Teaching References

We have carefully selected fiction and non-fiction books for young people, and reference books on fungi.

Online Teaching Resources

On this page, you will find the best websites for teaching and learning more about fungi. The links include professional and general websites, along with links to specific internet directories.

NAMA Educational Programs

NAMA has 25 programs for use by individual members and affiliated clubs. This is a terrific resource for deepening your understanding of specific genera, and a great way to provide an instant program for club meetings, all available for a nominal fee. See a list of available programs...