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Registry of Mushroom in Works of Art


The purpose of the Registry is to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between mushrooms and people as reflected in works of art from different historical periods, and to provide enjoyment to anyone interested in the subject.

Included in the registry are works with demonstrable artistic value as judged by one or more of the following criteria:

  • In the possession of a museum or an established organization or collector
  • Mentioned and preferably reproduced in a book or an exhibition catalog
  • Shown in an exhibition at a museum
  • Seen by a person with reliable credentials in mycology or art history

Flemish Baroque (ca. 1600-1750)

Germanic Baroque (German, Austrian, Swiss) (ca. 1600-1750)

Victorian Fairy Paintings

Post 1999 – Contemporary

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The Registry consists almost entirely of Western paintings. It does not include illustrations for books or posters, with rare exceptions. It does include works other than paintings (e.g., sculptures, engravings, tapestries) that have a special historical, scientific, or artistic interest. These items are noted in bold capital letters. All others are paintings.

All the items we have encountered dated before ca. 1950 have been included in the Registry. After around 1950, inclusion in the registry has been limited to works of recognized scientific or artistic value that fullfill the above criteria.

Using the Registry:

New Art Registry entries can be submitted to the NAMA Art Committee using This Form

—Compiled and curated by Elio Schaechter, Daniel Thoen, and Nancy Mladenoff, with earlier contributions by Hanns Kreisel and Tjakko Stijve
—Redacted by Marjorie Young
—Website design by David Rust

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