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Our reviews provide a useful tool for deciding which of the most recently published mycological related books would be useful for your skill level and interests, and which would be the most valuable for your library. We often provide a link to the publisher’s website.

NAMA’s Editorial and Literature Committee is responsible for providing reviews of books, DVDs and other electronic media, software programs, and smartphone apps for the society’s newsletter, The Mycophile. A selection of previously published reviews is available below.

Publishers and authors desiring to have their works reviewed, NAMA members with suggestions for reviews, and NAMA members wishing to do a review should contact Barbara Ching by email, to make the necessary arrangements.

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Tricholomas of North America A Mushroom Field Guide book cover
Alan E. Bessette

Tricholomas of North America: A Mushroom Field Guide

Tricholomas of North America is 208 pages in 7×10 format. The book is beautifully bound and illustrated. It ...
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Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America book cover
Field Guides

Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America

The principal field guide for California mushroom hunters has long been Mushrooms Demystified, but its current edition is ...
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Fungicidal Tendencies book cover

Fungicidal Tendencies (Review of FUNGI)

When it comes to weird fiction and fantasy, fungi have it covered. They sprout from underneath, spread over ...
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Mushrooms The Natural and Human World of British Fungi book cover
Bloomsbury Natural History

Mushrooms: The Natural and Human World of British Fungi

To most North Americans, it probably seems odd that a “Wildlife” publishing company would produce a book about ...
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The Outer Spores Mushrooms of Haida Gwaii book cover
Bryce Kendrick

The Outer Spores: Mushrooms of Haida Gwaii

Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is a complex of over 150 islands, totaling about ...
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Kingdom of Fung The Biology of Mushrooms Molds and Lichens book cover

Kingdom of Fungi: The Biology of Mushrooms, Molds, and Lichens

At first glance, I assumed this would be another book along the lines of Nik Money’s Mr. Bloomfield’s Orchard, ...
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The Macrolichens of New England book cover
James W. Hinds

The Macrolichens of New England Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden, Vol. 96

Just as has been happening with mushrooms, well illustrated regional books about lichens are becoming more common. For ...
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Fungi in Forest Ecosystems Systematics, Diversity, & Ecology book cover
Cathy L. Cripps

Fungi In Forest Ecosystems: Systematics, Diversity, And Ecology (Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden Vol. 89)

At the joint NAMA/MSA Foray in Asheville, NC, in July 2004, a celebration was held honoring the career ...
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